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Before we dive into today, let’s get a quick recap!

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And….. Where was I?

Ah yes, Thursday!

But first:


It’s been said that one of the best ways to learn is to listen more and talk less. 

And one of the most effective ways for *that* is to uncover the best podcasts on particular topics… and then ensure they’re loaded onto your phone so you can listen to them anywhere and any place! 

Now, as a marketer…. 

… one thing you truly need to master is the art of selling. 

Wouldn’t it be wondrous if you could find, say, 23 of the best podcasts of that topic? 

If not 23, how about 50? 


If so, https://www.crazycall.com/blog/best-sales-podcasts will definitely be of interest to you – we’re talking podcasts that range from: 

The Amazing Seller Podcast 


The Advanced Selling Podcast 


The GaryVee Audio Experience 


Sales Pipeline Radio 

and a whole bunch more (complete with direct links to iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify)! 

And you know… when it comes to the art of selling, it really can come down to truly *believing* in the value of what you’re offering… 

… so you’re doing your customers a wonderful service to alert them to whatever product you are offering! 

Gaining that self-confidence truly can take awhile, however… 

… you *can* create a cool 1 page cheatsheet about it. 

Perhaps the steps could be: 

Step 1.) Give yourself permission to embrace “sales” 

Step 2.) Zero in on what are the benefits of what you’re offering 

Step 3.) Practice, practice practice 

Resources for the above include: 





Your takeaway? 

Practice makes perfect… 

… and sometimes successful sales requires a mindshift from what you might have *thought* sales are (must make money!) to what sales can truly become (must improve life of customers!). 

Why not get that mindshift started today? 


========================= ==============

And….. Where was I?

Ah yes!

It’s Thursday!

Wednesday was a decent day except for one key thingee.

My husband was driving us to the gym for morning exercise.  And in my email, I saw a request for a bonus link I had forgotten.

I sent the link but didn’t realize at the time –  Google had appended a “-” to the link, thus making it incorrect.

The person responded, what a nice 404 page.

I saw that after swimming and responded rather snarkily, I must admit.  🙁

Then I was able to step outside of myself, so to say, and recognize that the delightful hormones of not-yet-menopause were rather active inside me.

So I sent a followup to apologize for my snarkiness, gave complimentary access to some of my latest products, and alerted friends/family that avoiding me would be a Good Thing until I returned back to normal.

Took a nap after getting home and yep…

Woke up feeling much more human.

Your takeaway ?

Take ownership when you’re a jerk and apologize.

A very powerful lesson indeed.

And that’s all…


It’s the Internet Lifestyle!

And want you to see … the Spider-Man: Far From Home | VFX Breakdown | Framestore?

Of course you do!

And our morning art/humor?

If you like this goodness, get all the extra benefits at his Patreon site (stuff not shared on his site)

and then visit the page below and like/share the comics… they always make my day a wee bit more bright!

AND! At some time, I’m going to write about making money as a gamer (the site Twitch.tv is fascinating – you can stream people playing games and some of the best of ’em earn in the 5 figures!).

Because it’s both Star Wars AND coffee AND a cat, I like watching:

You can watch him and subscribe to his channel over at:

What’s new in your neck of the woods… would love to hear….

And onto today!

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And here we go!



Pinterest Niches?


Affiliate Marketing?

and 2 more… can you guess?

And let’s begin!

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Well then!


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Where was I?


And….. Where was I?

Ah yes, Wednesday!

But first:


Ever wake up one morning and realize that there might be hurricanes in your area… and think to yourself: 

“Jeepers! I could make money with that!” 

Well, its very rarely that I would call *anything* shameful but yep… 

That attitude, during hurricanes, is really really REALLY lower than a fossilized clam’s feet. 

Hurricanes are *deadly* and choosing to make money off someone else’s misery is beyond amoral (I believe the scientific term is “scummy beyond all beliefs”). 

Well, there be a Hurricane Doreen steamrollering over the Bahamas and where it goes next… who is to say! 

However, having survived Hurricane Sandy (10 days without power, my family cooked dumplings over candlelight and more), I did learn that there are several must-do tips to max your hurricane storm safety. 

Marketer that I am, I *did* write a product about how to keep your business going during a hurricane (my experiences of 7 years ago), and here are some of my fav tips. 


And here is the REAL benefit to Easy Frankenstorm Profits to you as a real live person!!! 

I sooo wish I had done the following before Hurricane Sandy! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! DO THE FOLLOWING. 


1.) Make sure your gas tank is full. If you have a megastorm hit, not only will you lose power but so will your town. No power, no gas stations. No gas stations, no gas. 

2.) Make sure you have non-perishables for food. Hit Costco for beef jerky etc. If you can cook up a storm and store it outside if its cold enough, this is Very Smart. Do it. 

3.) Go to the dollar store and get bunches of: 



Water. I simply washed out all the recycle containers and filled those with water. It worked grand. 

And possibly prepare for working by candlelight: 

Other resources are: 





4.) Write down the following phone numbers. 

All your local libraries so you’ll have a place to go once THEY have power and you do not. 

All your local Barnes and Nobles. Same reason. 

Hotel 800 numbers so if you decide to trek to a place WITH power, you’ll be able to call. 


And remember these links: 


STOP right now and search for your company’s power outage page, ie, 
(company) power outage 
jcpl outage 

That returns you 

You can post that to your FB timeline like so: 


Again, remember. People appreciate kindness… 

They will remember you! 

But what about after the storm? 

Hurricane AfterCalculus 

(waiting on line for gas) 

Now, ideally….power WILL return. 

IDEALLY. Smile But there’s no guarantees. 

For me, I’m currently writing this at my local Starbucks as it’s been now Day 10 without power….officially. 

BUT! After 3 days or so, power DID return to my friends’ house (plus also the local community offered recharge stations too). 

So! Ideally you will be able to at least access the Internet via your phone. When you do so, make sure to update your status so your friends don’t worry, add any resources you can and the like. 

Here are the updates I sent. Notice several things: 

I am ALWAYS upbeat. 

I ask for help from my readers to update others about the hurricane. 

I thank folks. 

As you read these updates, ask yourself…how can you use them for your own updates? How can you ensure your own personality shines thru? 






Today is the LAST DAY!

The sun always rises even after miserable days.  Take advantage of that.

It’s the Internet Lifestyle!

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and 2 more… can you guess?

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Fortune Favors The Bold

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