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Since its 5.6 “Simone” release at the beginning of December 2020, WordPress has been hard at work at getting out a new round of updates. And this month, the WordPress team’s delivered a maintenance upgrade and the first beta version of 5.7. 


WordPress 5.6.1 builds on the 5.6 upgrades and fixes multiple bugs and issues with the block editor. 

With the beta version, WordPress users can test the new features, such as lazy-load iframes and cleanup of the jQuery ahead of the official 5.7 release. 

Read on to learn more about the updates from 5.6.1 and beta 5.7. 

The Latest WordPress Version: 5.6.1 

The last major WordPress release came with auto-updates, the addition of Application Passwords, and more accessibility features. The latest upgrade, WordPress 5.6.1, fixes 20 bugs and seven problems with the block editor. 

The fixes include: 

There were also some improvements to the block editor, such as: 

The Next Major Release: WordPress 5.7

The next core WordPress update will be 5.7, which has a projected release date of March 9, 2021. To meet the deadline that’s just a few weeks away, Beta 1 is now available for testing. 

As with any beta version, it’s a good practice to set up a test website and not use a version of WordPress that’s still under development on your main website. Download the beta plugin or the zip file to get started. 

With every new update, WordPress and the block editor become more accessible, better to control, and easier to use. WordPress 5.7 will facilitate many improvements.

Changes in Core 

Changes to the Editor

WordPress Updates February 2021

If you’ve been experiencing any difficulties with the WordPress 5.6 release, update your website to 5.6.1 to resolve bugs such as issues with the WooCommerce editor or word count incongruity in different browsers. 

With the beta version of 5.7 to get a peek into the next major update, you can start getting excited for new features that include easily migrating to HTTPS and enhancements to the block editor.

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