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I’m sure there are hundreds of guys here that use GetResponse as an email marketing service, but after my most recent experience, I would never choose them again, no matter how cheap they are.


I signed up for a month’s service after talking to them, and they happened to sign me up on a monthly subscription. Although I ticked the boxes and supposedly agreed to their terms, I was signed on a monthly subscription. I didn’t know or realise it because I had just talked about one month with the customer service rep.

So after one month, I stopped using the service. I didn’t even log in.
Yet, they kept billing me for 4 months before I realised what was going on.

When I explained the situation to their billing department, they had no understanding of the matter whatsoever. They were completely strict and didn’t care what happened. They just wanted to keep my money even though I hadn’t even used or logged in to the account. I didn’t even know I was being billed.

But their stance was NO. If you agreed to the terms, that’s it we’re taking your money and there’s nothing you can do about it. We don’t care that you never used your account or that you never even logged in or that you didn’t know that you were being billed. We just wanna keep your money and we have no compassion or leniency in this matter. We rule with an iron fist and we are comparable to thieves.

I explained again and again but they had no intention of returning the excess months bill even though I didn’t use the account at all (all because I didn’t even know I had it in the first place).

I’ll be contacting my credit card company to see if they can do something about this stance they are taking.

Even in today’s world, I find it difficult that a company would not look at circumstances before making a decision and just make fleeting decisions based on their own policies.

No compassion, no leniency, no forbearance, no softness.
All hardball, all money, all strictness and all policies.

These days, these types of traits in a company don’t work.

I hope marketers use Aweber or some other good service instead of Getresponse.
They certainly don’t get my vote.

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