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Here’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind when they start thinking about building a email lists:


“Which service should I use?”

You’ve probably wondered yourself, and maybe even spent a few hours (or days, or weeks) researching your options.


This is not the question you should be asking (yet). And it’s exactly why so many entrepreneurs get stuck in the planning stage of list building.

The First Step In List Building

Before you need to think about tools, you must ask yourself this:

“How can I best serve my market?”

Whether you’re an internet marketer, a coach, a blogger, a local business owner or network marketer, your prospects have a need that only you can fulfill or a problem you can solve.

And when you discover what that need is or problem, you’ll have two valuable pieces of information:

Now, don’t over-think these questions, though. Your opt-in incentive can be as simple as a resource guide or a short how-to video that answers a common question. You don’t have to go overboard an offer dozens of downloads and a 100-page eBook. Rather than providing value, these massive downloads are more likely to overwhelm your reader than encourage him or her to learn more.

And when it comes to providing value to your list members, keep three things in mind:

Ask yourself….“What is my list-building goal?”

How will you be using your list? Will you:

The answers to these questions will help you determine not only the right tool for your list-building needs, but will also determine the path for your ongoing mailing list content, promotions, and growth.

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