Webbula Launches Powerful Partner Portal Representing Diverse Industry Leaders in Email Marketing

Webbula, The Data Solutions Experts

Webbula, the Data Solutions Experts, has unveiled a new partner portal offering service and solution partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition, increase their reach, and ultimately, increase their revenue.

Webbula’s Partnership Program focuses on adding value to our partners’ brands and marketing efforts. Webbula strives to help email service providers, digital marketing agencies, data management platforms, demand-side platforms, and more to gain more market share.

Webbula’s Partner Portal consists of two directories. Webbula’s new Service Partner Portal connects end-users with marketing agencies and other service providers familiar with Webbula’s services to provide third-party outsourced marketing expertise. The Solution Partner Portal houses technology partners, DMP and DSP partners, and future integration partners that can help organizations take their internal processes to the next level.

“Offering our partners a platform that allows them to define who they are and what they offer is really important to us. Our new advanced platform empowers partners to leverage video and images to further differentiate themselves in an ever-increasing competitive industry,” said Jack Wrigley, VP of Partnerships at Webbula. “Paired with best in class co-marketing opportunities we enable our partners to increase their reach, and, ultimately, increase their revenue.”

“We wanted to build not just a partner page, but a partner directory and ecosystem,” said David Lewis, VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Ometria is thrilled to partner with Webbula. Their technology and support serve our clients very well by ensuring client messages are getting to real customers while also protecting client reputations. Webbula truly enables Ometria to deliver on our mission of helping retailers create marketing experiences their customers will love,” said Joe Nicholas, VP of Global Partnerships at Ometria.

Additional opportunities available to Webbula’s Partners through the Program:

To learn more about Webbula’s data solutions and partners, visit the portals at https://partners.webbula.com/solutions and https://partners.webbula.com/.

If you’re interested in becoming a Webbula partner, visit: https://webbula.com/become-a-partner/#signup

About Webbula

For over ten years, customers have trusted Webbula to help them overcome complex data challenges, and is the undisputed leader in email hygiene, data enhancement, audience targeting, and identity-driven data solutions. Proudly headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, truth in data is at the heart of everything we stand for and will always be our passion.

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