Twitter Allows Users to Limit Replies & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

Greg Finn, Mark Saltarelli, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld discuss Twitter’s new troll-proof conversation settings, bug out over Google’s temporary organic search shakeup, and travel to New Dehli to add our business cards to the Google search results.


Twitter is letting people choose who can reply to their Tweets with updated conversation settings. The default setting will be to allow everyone to reply to a Tweet.

Users can also only allow people they follow, only people mentioned, or no one at all to directly respond to their Tweets.

This will be useful for interview-style threads and keeping internet trolls out of replies on the platform. The feature is available globally to all Twitter users.

Many in the SEO community thought there was a major Google algorithm update on August 10, 2020, due to major volatility in the search rankings.

As it turns out, the disruption was due to a major glitch involving Google’s indexing systems.

The glitch was corrected by Google engineers and the search results returned to normal shortly after.

Described as virtual business cards, People Cards are currently only available on mobile to users in India.

By searching “add me to search” on Google, users are able to add contact information, images, and social media links to highlight themselves in the search results.

After creating your People Card, users will see a module when they search your name with your name, profession, and location.

They can then click on the module to see your full People Card.

This Week’s ICYMI comes from Lily Ray, who served up a heaping pile of SEO sass this week.

Someone should create a resource for business owners called:

“How to tell if your SEO pitch was really just a pretty version of a quick site crawl that presents a handful of non-issues as if they are actual problems.”

ICYMI, this week’s PPC chat was not one to miss. PPC experts weighed in on B2B advertising and covered a wide range of topics and opinions.

If you missed out, you can catch up on the Karooya blog or the PPCChat Twitter Roundup Podcast.

Then, we answer these important digital marketing questions during our lightning round segment:

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