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If you are using email marketing for your business and looking to skyrocket your sales with advancements in your marketing campaigns, then this article is for you. Learn how you can benefit by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in email marketing in 2022 and leverage the sales through it.


In the age of cutting-edge technologies such as voice search, instant SMS, etc., email marketing still is one of the most common and profitable ways of online marketing. A major chunk of marketers considers email marketing as the major part of their marketing success. 

However, this decades-old marketing technique is evolving with time along with technological advancements.

In the last few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) have flourished very well, thanks to the advanced GPUs and cutting-edge deep learning technologies.

Tasks that require human cognitive processing are slowly being replaced by machines over time and marketing is no exception. Businesses are currently using AI-powered email marketing for efficient and powerful marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes use of specific algorithms and data-driven insights to anticipate and make reasonable decisions. Sometimes, they can be much even more logical and fruitful than that humans.

Implementing artificial intelligence in email marketing can give an extra boost to marketing campaigns. One report by Statista suggested that AI email marketing can improve the overall revenue by a whopping 41.29%.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing 2022

Here, we have provided the top 5 reasons to use Artificial intelligence in email marketing in 2022.

Email Personalization

Personalization is the key to any marketing success. Sending a single mail to all the customers may not work efficiently.

Also, in the case of a larger customer base, it is not possible to send personalized emails to each of them manually. What if artificial intelligence can do that for you?

Artificial intelligence in email marketing can provide a personalized experience to subscribers by analyzing different aspects and data points.

Adding a personalized touch to emails is one of the common ways to win customers’ loyalty and improve the rate of conversion. As per one research conducted by Experian, personalized emails can scale the transactions rates up to 6 times.

AI-based email marketing can help marketers segment and target audiences through a variety of data points. It can also generate personalized subject lines, recommend products, and generate email content.

These data points may include demographics, previous purchases, the position of the customer in the marketing funnel, etc.

Personalized subject lines can improve the email open rates, while personalized email content can improve the engagement and conversion rates significantly.

Thus, implementing AI in email marketing is quintessential if you are looking to scale your sales without much effort.

Optimal Timings and Frequency

Timing and frequency play an important role when it comes to email marketing. For an instance, no buyer would love to open his mailbox and check out promotional emails while enjoying vacation with his loved ones on a normal weekend.

Therefore, it becomes highly essential to send emails at the perfect timings to make sure they are being noticed by the readers.

Traditionally, marketers have to rely on manual data analysis, logical reasoning, and sometimes guesswork to figure out the perfect timing for sending emails.

Artificial intelligence in email marketing can help marketers to analyze and figure out the optimal timings for email marketing to improve the email opening rate. Also, it can help to decide the frequency of the emails based on the various algorithms to avoid being reported as “spam.”

Remarketing is one of the effective ways to achieve sales goals. Building new customers is not child’s play. According to research, only 2% of the users get converted into customers in the first instance as they are in the wider part of the marketing funnel.

The solution to this issue is remarketing via email marketing AI. It is highly essential to follow up with the users that have already visited your product or have added it to their cart. The purpose of remarketing is to take the users down the marketing funnel and convert them into customers by encouraging them about the product.

AI-based email marketing can help to leverage remarketing through data-driven decisions and methods. For an instance, AI can encourage the customers to revisit the product and complete the purchase by sending personalized remarketing emails.

Thus, implementing AI in your email marketing can help to cut off the cart abandonment rates and can add to the conversion rates.

Campaign Cost Reduction

Implementing artificial intelligence in email marketing is way more affordable than you might think. Reducting in campaign cost is one of the most reasonable benefits to use artificial intelligence in email marketing.

AI can greatly reduce the efforts required by marketers to give life to their email marketing campaigns. Designing and running successful email marketing campaigns is much easier and faster than ever with the help of artificial intelligence.

Implementing AI in email marketing cuts down the efforts, time, and resources required by marketers and thus can reduce the cost.

Improved ROI

AI has a lot to offer to marketers in email marketing. It can improve email engagement, opening rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and thus can result in massive returns.

Implementing artificial intelligence in email marketing is cost-effective as it reduces the time and resources required for running successful email marketing campaigns.

These amazing benefits along with the reduced cost adds to the ROI of AI in email marketing. Letting artificial intelligence do the tedious work of running successful marketing campaigns is surely fruitful in most cases with a massive return on investment (ROI).

Final Words on AI in Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the preferred methods of marketing by a majority of marketers. Artificial intelligence is taking over human cognitive efforts with time and is expected to replace human efforts in almost all the sectors and online marketing would be no exception.

AI in email marketing goes one step ahead of traditional marketers and can design, run, and analyze marketing campaigns efficiently. Marketers need to implement the ever-evolving technology of artificial intelligence in email marketing and automate the mundane tasks to give a competitive edge to the challengers.

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