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When someone makes a purchase, they often have to fill in their email. This gives you the opportunity to send a personalized message that asks them about the specific product that they purchased, as they do in the above email.


These are incredibly valuable since you can engage your customers without spending a lot of time on them as they are automated. They give you a better understanding of your customers, of any potential problems with the product that you can fix, and give you a wonderful opportunity to receive collateral that you can use throughout your different marketing channels.

Using email to share social proof

Before you start using different types of social proof in your email campaigns, it’s important to determine where your customers are in their journey. Social proof can be sprinkled into your campaigns as proof of specific products, to endorse the business as a whole, or they can create their own dedicated campaigns.

Depending on what the goal of your campaign is, how exactly you present the social proof in your emails may vary. If your goal is simply to start building trust, and you think that they aren’t quite ready to buy, an email that’s primary focus is on the social proof would make sense.

Something like that can work quite well, for a welcome email. The customers are just getting to know you so linking to customer stories or testimonials that speak to your business in general can be very powerful.

When they are farther along in the customer journey, sending them testimonials or referrals on specific products would be more useful to them. If you have information on what products they’ve specifically been looking at, you can even send create emails that send personalized reviews based on their history, what they’ve been looking at etc.

Campaigns we loved

Subject line: The collar every dog wants

This email does a great job of highlighting their customer reviews. They keep the content simple so that what the customers are saying is the focus and they include reviews that highlight a variety of benefits. With this, they also include links so that you can see the original review and the number of stars that they rated it. They include all of the important pieces for their subscribers to help build trust in their product.

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