The #1 Mistake Made with List Building Strategies

List Building takes marketing strategy and planning.

Many folks make this one simple mistake in their list building setup, and it can cost you something surprising.


I have run into this situation too many times in the last month, and I have to write about it, to educate you so that you do not do the same thing as the three folks I talked to this month.

Whether you are a coach, private practice owner, entrepreneur, online course creator or other service-based business owner, lead generation needs to be one of your main online marketing strategies.

Building a list of leads and prospects who fit your ideal client profile and would be interested in the core services you offer is critical, but it won’t be as effective if you make this same mistake, the one I have seen others doing too. (Of course, they have it fixed up now.)

Let’s make sure you understand what you might need to change if you are doing the same as these other business owners were with their lead generation setup.

When it comes to list building there are four pieces of this that come into play with your marketing foundations.

If you are missing any of them, or not using them in an ideal way, you could be missing out on many opportunities.

… Opportunities for new leads, the opportunity to cultivate those leads and begin building a relationship with these people, and then of course you might also be missing new sales.

So, what is this mistake?

Using their email marketing system options for a landing page and form to sign up for the lead magnet.

Now, this statement tends to make no sense to people so let me explain it more.

Let’s say you use a system like Convert Kit and they offer an option to make a landing page for your signup form. It’s so simple to set this up and you can use it all when setting up the signup form for your Lead Magnet. (Note the same can happen with many other email systems as they make them easier and easier for DIY folks to use).

Here is what people typically do:

  1. Setup the landing page for the signup in Convert Kit.
  2. To make this work you use the Convert Kit URL for the lead magnet signup.
  3. Then on your website, where you have the Lead Magnet mentioned you use a link that sends people to the Convert Kit Signup form to enter their name and email.

Simple to setup and it works!

Your website visitors click a button, enter their name and email and get the Lead Magnet. They are happy, and so are you.

The email marketing system sends out the lead magnet to the person who requested it. You see these notifications and your list IS growing, and you are happy.

You are happy, that is, until I tell you this one mistake in the setup.

The Lead Generation page you are using is a Convert Kit URL.

That landing page they setup for you, is on their domain not yours.

So … guess whose website gets that traffic attributed to them?

You got it… Convert Kit.

Part of the marketing and list building strategy for most of us, is to get more website traffic.

As we build our website’s visibility with the search engines, we will get more traffic – especially traffic from strangers, or new traffic from our social media posts (because some of your social media posts are sending people to your website, right? Please say yes here because this needs to be happening too).

Why use a setup like this one, which sends people off your website and onto the website of your email marketing system, your Convert Kit (or other system).

Now, don’t get me wrong, Convert Kit is not the problem here. It is in fact, you. You need to make the change and take a few extra steps to create that lead generation page. The page where people can sign up for your lead magnet on your own domain, your own website.

This way, once people click that button to sign up, they go to a page on your website – your domain. This means they stay longer on your website, which also helps you get a little more search engine love.

Search engines – especially Google – track the time people spend on your website. The longer, the better.

AND better yet, if you have a special thank you page – also on your website – that means the visitor who signs up will show as being on your website even longer.


And with all this long-term traffic on your domain, it will help the search engines opinion of your website. They will recognize it as one people visit and stick around, not visit and go back to the search results to find another option. All of this will help you in the long run, with better search engine rankings and visibility.

Like I said, you were all happy before, the new lead and you – because that new lead got what they wanted, and your list grew. But sometimes there are other factors to consider with your online foundations and sometimes there is a better way to set things up, with reasons that may not stand out as much.

Now, if you are not sure off the top of your head what setup you have. Go test it out. And if you can relate to this setup, if your pages where people can sign up for your lead magnet are not on your website, then you need to figure out how to change it around.

Make it more effective and increase the productivity all around of your entire List Building system and setup.

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