PLR Giveaways for List Building

One of the most common techniques to attract subscribers to email list is to use PLR giveaways for list building (usually PLR Reports in PDF format).


To find free or paid PLR Reports for different market niches on the Internet is not a problem. The main problem is to offer from the squeeze page the most interesting and original PLR Reports to cause a person of interest to obtain this gift and therefore to subscribe to the list.

To date, offering giveaways from squeeze pages is one of the main methods of email list building. This is both good and bad, as it leads to gifts offers overflow (often by the same proposals). Therefore, your PLR giveaways for list building should be more attractive than of the other marketers. Strive to seek and find quality giveaways and to offer them in the attractive form.

So, here we discuss:

1. How to Use PLR Products for List Building

So, PLR giveaways for list building are used to attract the interest of visitors and made them want to get it for free by providing their e-mails to your autoresponder. Most often they are in the form of PDF Reports (also as giveaways other materials are used: eBooks, software, tools, etc.).

But don’t be tricked, since the list building can be somewhat complicated. The real problem is to have or find PLR Reports and other materials which have real value for people to sign up to your list. Usually people like the short PDF reports, eBooks or videos, which are quite useful. When your list starts to grow, you have to be regularly updating your e-mail list with a new content (not to let people lose the interest). One of the effective ways to combat this problem is dive deeper into private label rights to fill in the gaps between scheduled updates. This will make PRL giveaways for list building very effective.

All PLR products are not worthy of their price. So, how do you determine their quality and worth? Some of the qualities you should watch for when buying PLR products include:

Where to Get PLR Products for List Building?

2. Creating and Using Own PLR Products

Any Internet marketing expert will say that one of the most effective ways to make money online is by developing your own PLR products. Some marketers spend months creating simple products for selling online. However, there is a much cheaper and easier approach accessible to you for developing your own PLR products. Creating new PLR products is easy, even for the newbie. For this you need to follow just a few easy steps.

Here are two best methods available to make instant money online with the own PLR products:

The second method is more time-consuming, but it can give the best results when own products are used as PLR giveaways for list building, and also used as PLR for sales.

3. Conclusion and Notes

So, PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This is primarily the content that you have permission to rework, rebrand, and modify the name of the creator (publisher). You are then permitted to resell it. Be very careful though, some PLR reports have strict policies about not giving away the report for free. Make sure you have permission to give it as a free stuff before working with it to get email addresses.

Read some tips when using PLR content as your list building giveaways:

Always relabel (rename) the product you use for list building giveaways, as there is a probability that many other people have presently used that content. If you don’t want people to be able to search the title and find it elsewhere, always change the name to something unique.

Make sure to review the content you use. Don’t put your name on something that’s poorly prepared or revised. So, proofread content to make sure it’s of good quality. Also, add some of your own details to content, for example, you can add your own chapter (s) as an additional content to your list building PLR reports. This helps make it unique over pre-existing PLR content.

Try reusing the PLR content in a various media. For example, if you bought a PLR Report or eBook, remake it and add the audio or video version. Also, you can create a video slideshow with the content and record your screen as your present content. Reworking the content in a new media can make your version totally original over every other version accessible.

And finally, if you are experiencing great difficulties in writing and editing content for the list building giveaways, just buy 2-3 fresh and quality PLR reports or eBooks on the main themes of your business, just change the cover, title and author’s name and use them as PLR giveaways for list building.

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