LoPressure Design | How I Moved My Website to a New Bluehost Account


I’m planning to move a few websites to alternative hosts.

Written by Norton Miller

Johnny’s Garden Custom WordPress Theme

I’m currently developing and designing a custom theme for Johnny’s Garden. Download it: JohnnysGarden.zip [672Kb]

easySlider modification: Use a dynamic array to define the text for panel links.

First, thanks for this slider code. It’s the best one I’ve used. Read the original article. Second, thanks to Kyle Florence for his modifications. They’re great. After implementing this slider I decided that I would like the controls to be text links rather than numbers. Also it would be advantageous for me to be able… Read more »

Web design tools and resources

The following list contains the content, tools and resources I use to create websites. Do you have any great tools or icons or techniques that are not on this list? Tell me. All the content listed here is free for commercial use unless otherwise marked. jQuery Essential Widgets Beautiful slider Site jQuery ToolsSite FancyBoxSite Cycle… Read more »

Create a retro-urban gig poster using Photoshop

Create a retro-urban gig poster using Photoshop Digital graphics are largely dependent on the software used to create them. Given the clean, pixel-perfect nature of Photoshop, artworks always risk looking too perfect therefore it’s important to learn how to bring nature’s random variations into our digital creations. In this tutorial we’ll create an atmospheric poster… Read more »

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