Leave BlueHost Hosting And Save Your Precious Time. 5 Crucial Facts.

I believe that from my title, you have guessed today’s topic. It’s about my decision of leaving Bluehost web-hosting. Why did I leave Bluehost  hosting?


A new blogger or webmaster will always go for the cheapest hosting or the most popular web hosting.

Forget convenience, Bluehost was incompetent to fix what they were supposed to fix. Let’s get into the details.

You guys must have started thinking that this is a useless review and this fellow is just exaggerating.

Well, you are a free soul, and I do not claim to control your thoughts. I am sharing my experience here as a Bluehost customer.

Understand one thing here; I paid around $200 to them with my savings with the notion that they will help me with any issues related to websites as they claim that they have an award-winning support system.

I want to meet the guy who awarded them.

Now let’s get back to my journey with Bluehost. Why didn’t I leave Bluehost hosting before?

Well, I would say that I used it as long as I could. And after a lot of hassle, I was able to get an alternative. So I was living with that. I will be honest here, and I do think that some problems could have been avoided if I was a bit more technical.

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