How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost? Marketing Budget Calculator

Digital marketing pricing can be quite complex. Let’s start by taking a look at the marketing cost or budget percentage by industry. A survey by George Boykin of Chron says that the marketing budget can shoot upto 40% of a business’ revenue. However, this is not true for all businesses and all industries, and the right marketing spend depends on a variety of factors. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer.


What’s in your Marketing Budget vis-a-vis the Industry?

Yes, there are thumb rules for referencing marketing cost,

  1. Percentage of gross revenue – Approximately 5% to 8% of gross revenue
  2. What your industry peers spend – More budget for high ticket, high value products
  3. Competitive sales growth pressures – Check with industry association for figures
  4. Profit margins and similar considerations – Performance pay, task-oriented budgeting
  5. Grow and gain market share – Atleast 10% of gross revenue

Where are you making your Marketing Cost?

What Is Your
Digital Marketing Budget?

We believe you could start with a “Zero Budget”. Our performance marketing services are designed to generate positive returns for your business. However, there are many variables involved, and today we are going to untie some of the complexities here.

  • Hourly Billing: Varies across countries but $76-$200/hour is most common. But hourly mode is good for one-off tasks like strategic consulting. And may not be suitable for recurring tasks as the final billing can be unpredictable.
    • Our consulting fees – $25 hourly*
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  • Basic Online Marketing: Average retainer pricing varies across countries with the most common range being $251-$500/month. This is good for firms who are new to digital marketing. And generally includes basic online branding, search engine marketing (seo), social media marketing (smm), referral traffic, affiliate marketing, guest blogging, social sharing, bookmarking, directory posting and other link building tasks.
    • Our retainer plans start at $110 monthly*
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  • Viral Blog Marketing: This is an excellent plan for firms looking at growing their brand visibility and recognition across blog networks, social media channels and referral traffic sources. This includes creative content writing that also boosts search engine ranking and visibility with assured long term performance on your investment.
    • Our retainer plan fees are $110 monthly* – See Plan
    • Looking for results based, Pay per Sales plan?
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  • Sales Demand Booster: At times you would want a supercharged marketing campaign to simply boost your leads, sales conversions and revenue. It could be for a new business launch, a new product launch or a mega event that you want registrations for. So when it’s time to crank up sales, we have excellent new media strategies that are ready to help you boost your sales… and yes, this could be within hours if you are ready for it. What more, the sales demand booster can help you save thousands of marketing dollars too!
    • Our basic retainer fees are $50 monthly* – Get Started
    • Advance 360° marketing retainer fees start at $550 monthly*
    • Looking for results based, Pay per Sales plan?
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Marketing Cost, It Can’t Get Any Better!

How much marketing dollars you should invest depends on how your current marketing works! And what incremental revenue are you targeting in the coming months. For small businesses, a rule of thumb is to earmark 5% of the gross revenue for marketing. And if you want to make your marketing spend accountable, @AiDASiNC offers performance marketing like no other… what you gain,

  1. Skilled team – Digital marketing experience since 2008
  2. Performance focused – We grow only when your business grows
  3. Zero budget – Expert sales demand generator on pay-per-sale model
This is by far one of the best marketing services that counts success based on ROI. The question is….
When do you want us to get started?

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