How Do Location Landing Pages Work in SEO?

Landing pages are a common staple in most digital marketing strategies. Even if you’re not heavily invested in marketing and advertising, you might have different pages of your website designed for different target audiences. Creating different landing pages allows you to customize your content for very specific types of people, ultimately increasing your chances of getting a conversion or at least winning someone over.


So how do location-based landing pages work in the context of search engine optimization (SEO)? And are they really as powerful as they’re claimed to be?

What is a location landing page?

Location landing pages are much like other types of landing pages. They are pages of your site that are optimized with highly specific content. They’re somewhat different from other landing pages for two reasons. First, they’re location-based. For example, you might have a different landing page for each major city in the continental United States. Second, they’re completely optimized for SEO. While you might have the secondary goal of appealing to specific people in specific cities, your primary motivation is getting more traffic from search engines.

The value of location landing pages for SEO

Why are location landing pages so valuable to SEO?

I won’t get into the fundamentals of SEO here, so you may need some background information to make sense of this. Suffice it to say: SEO is all about increasing traffic from search engines, and it requires you to create good content, establish a connection with audiences, generate relevant traffic and gradually expand your web presence.

Location landing pages help you in several ways:

Tips for utilizing SEO location landing pages

Of course, location landing pages aren’t guaranteed to be a success. You need to utilize them properly if you’re going to reap the benefits. These are some of the most important strategies to follow to achieve that:

Not every business needs location landing pages to be successful in SEO. But if you’re trying to target audiences in many different major cities and avoid national competitors, they could be exactly what you need to boost results without spending a fortune.

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