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Hong Kong virtual hosting is one of the most popular overseas host in China, it not only has the advantages of US, but closest to domestic. Even though there is a lot of Hong Kong virtual hosting providers, users are not familiar with it. Please read the analysis of the use of BlueHost‘s Hong Kong virtual hosting as follows.
BlueHost is an established US host provider, which was established in 1996 in the west coast of the United States. As one of the overseas host provider that entered into domestic earlier, it has the most domestic users. In 2014, BlueHost also launched the Chinese site and the Chinese customer service, of which the Chinese site provides four computer rooms for users to choose, including Hong Kong, the United States, India , Europe, while the Hong Kong’s computer room has the most users.
BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting is faster, and its Hong Kong room is located in the Telehouse that is the top of HKColo.NET data center. Telehouse has optimized its new way in mainland , so its access speed is very fast. And BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting provides three different types of options for users to choose, but plan A only supports a single site, and plan B or plan C both support unlimited domain name. At the same time, BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting is supporting the global CDN acceleration technology, which is available for those have demand for high speed.
BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting provides two kind of systems,including Linux and Windows, which provides popular cpanel and plesk control panels. These two panels both have graphical interface, which are easy for users to use, even novice owners can also operate skillfully. For the cpanel control panel, many of the owners who understand the US hosts are knowing a thing or two about it. The operation of this control panel is simple, so it can be the one of control panels that has most users.
What’s more, due to the computer room of Hong Kong virtual hosting is near to the domestic, its speed can be faster. And up till now, it has never experienced any downtime, so we can say that it has good stability with an uptime of a 99.9%.
In terms of the after-sales services of BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting, its Chinese customer service is good ,which can help users solve problems carefully and quickly. And its customer service is also online 24 hours that ready to provide services any time. If you meet problems during the installation or operation , they will provide a detailed graphic tutorial, which is very user-friendly for novice.
In a word, BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting is a good choice, whether it is in the configuration or after-sales service , and it is also very cheap, which provides discount code for you to


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