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Show me a business without a blog or website, and I’ll show you a business that is not willing to flow with the tide of growth. INTRODUCING: GetResponse Website Builder. With Website Builders like this new one, Not just businesses, even individuals are harnessing the unending possibilities of the web by owning mind-blowing websites that have helped to make them a brand name in the world at large.


A noteworthy example would be David Kopp who is the CEO of one of the largest website individually owned.

Most of these platforms you see today are owned and managed by Website Builder which is renowned for not just hosting but everything that involves digital marketing, email marketing, and every other web-related content you can imagine.

Every company in existence is now aware of the power of social media and the growth it gives to their profit margin, and owning a website for your brand not only places it on a global stage but gives it the capabilities to have its slice from the over 4 billion internet users worldwide — this is where GetResponse website builder gives you an edge.

There are lots of platforms or website builders I can recommend to you, but then, they won’t have the unique qualities you can only find in the GetResponse website builder. Before you go ahead and think “he just after publicity”, let me break some things down for you.

I’m not just about providing links and access to your Facebook page, but also making it possible for your prospective clients to fully interact with what you have to offer asides from what they see on Facebook or other social media platforms — you get what I mean now, right?

The GetResponse Website builder is also designed with the very latest AI technology available to build your company’s website from very scratch without having to spend excess money on individuals who might simply just take advantage of your ignorance — in other words, GetResponse can be used by anyone with a basic knowledge of operating a PC who has an idea of what they want, and you know the best part? Whatever you might want your website to look or be like is already made possible in the GetResponse website builder, all you just need is to paste and drag!

A Complete Marketing System Platform

There are a handful of website builder platforms that offer you the tools you need to profit from your website such as managing chats with your clients, automation, managing paid ads, hosting webinars, web push notifications, and so much more — GetResponse website builder is one of them, besides, this website builder offers a wider range and prospect to the mentioned attributes all at very affordable pricing.

Below are some of its unique features:

DIY Website Building and Creation

Like I stated earlier, what if I told you the only money you have to spend in creating your website is all embedded in getting this package, even without the knowledge of website creation? Crazy right? But it’s very true, there is nothing hyperbolical about my assertions.

As a user of GetResponse website builder, you get to fully create your website from its very foundations without the help of anyone – all you need to know is what you want your website to entail. “how can that be all?” you might ask, well, the AI programming used in the GetResponse website builder simply asks you to answer some few questions relating to what you want, which includes your own ideas on what you want your website to look like, personal preferences, style and looks, and so on. As soon as you finish answering these questions, the AI automatically generates web pages for your website in a matter of seconds – it really doesn’t get better than this.

Not only that, you get to have the necessary support of already-made web templates for your websites that has all the layouts and necessary font ideas planned out in such a way to suit your immediate need. The drag-and-paste feature on the website builder also makes it possible to add your personal items you might want to be included on your website — this indeed is none like another, I tell you.

GetResponse’s AI-Driven Website Builder Demo

Simplicity in Design

One of the aspects of website design that tends to scare many away is usually the coding aspect, however, with the GetResponse website builder, you don’t have to worry about your worst nightmare anymore, it’s also one of the reasons why I said anyone with a simple knowledge of PC can use it — I hope you now get what I mean.

In a single click, you can change to any design of your choice, manipulate between the many fonts available, delve between the thousands of colors on display using the global design control setup. You also don’t have to worry about image rights thanks to the easy navigation between the GetResponse website builder and several free stock images from Lastly, you also get to have a preview of how your website will pan out on a desktop and mobile platform before finally getting to publish your site. It’s really a Rolla Costa ride from here.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Enhancer

Any website you have ever seen and will ever see thrives on a good SEO setup. The higher a site ranks, the more visibility it gets on the outside world and vice-versa. With the GetResponse internet builder, you are offered several SEO tools that help to put your website on the map such as Metadata for your various descriptions and titles, increases your visibility, and also grows the traffic to your website in less time compared to others. You also have the added advantage of being able to change the URL slugs to enhance your keyword search results. The opportunities are endless on this one.

Full Website Solutions

Choosing to develop your website with the GetResponse website builder means you are provided with a hosting domain service as well — you can close your mouth now because I can tell they are opened based on the revelation I just shared with you. Not only that, you get to use free domains or buy new ones if you aren’t satisfied with the ones available — which I seriously doubt — you can also connect your existing domains to the present one you are working on, and this can be done all within the GetResponse website builder — you don’t have to seek help anywhere else.

These WEBSITES domains — be it free or paid — also include SSL certificates which are very necessary for security to prevent hackers from gaining access to your site.

Plug-ins For Your Webpage

If you are looking at properly leveraging the market space in the social media world, then you wouldn’t do better than using the website popup tool which helps to promote new ideas and contents on your web page to your social media accounts and vice-versa. GetResponse website builder offers you the opportunity of increasing your social media presence thanks to the many customization options available to you.

Analysis Your Performance

Rather than analyze the performance of your website using external tools, with just a click, you can check the traffic on your site, click tracking, and also look at the performance of your pop-ups.

It doesn’t end there, as stated GetResponse website builder offers you a wide range of marketing tools to help further improve your efficiencies and strength in every way possible.

Pricing and Plans

Everyone has a place in the GetResponse website builder regardless of your pocket or budget. GetResponse offers 4-plans which are explained below.

Basic plan

The basic plan costs a mere $15 which is nothing compared to the goodies you get to enjoy such as:

Now you see why everyone is clamoring for GetResponse right? But there’s more…

Basic Plus

The plus package costs $49 a month and based on market data, it happens to be the most preferred of the 4-packages available. Here is what it comprises of:

With just $50 every month, you can take your business to a whole new level, so what’s holding you back from joining the populace on this one?

Professional Package

The professional package offers you a wider range of access and several other components as listed below:

Savvy you might want to say, but it gets more interesting;

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  • Everything available in the pro package
  • A dedicated support channel
  • Account migration support
  • Webinars having up to 1000 attendees
  • For qualifying accounts, you get to have assisted IP warmup
  • Multiple users and accounts of up to 500 individuals
  • Transaction emails with paid add available.

Need I say more?


Your business deserves only the best, and by the best, I mean GetResponse website builder. With everything in place for you to start exploring the various possibilities ahead of you, there are no excuses — you are just a click away.

Need I say more?

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