Email Marketing + List Building in 2017: How Make Money With Your List

That’s how many subscribers, Lousie Lyshej earned from her DIY Food Stylist + Photography course. ( No webinars, no affiliates or super sized ads budget)


Or John Meese (a former chick-fil-a worker) who made $10,000 with a list of 250 people selling a course about how to use a premium wordpress theme.

Now, I know you might be thinking: “Kate, I have a better chance of waking up with a pink rose growing out of my belly button tomorrow than earning $10,000….”

What about $3500? Seems doable. So…How many subscribers do you think you need?

Just 60.
Yup with less than 100 on her list Ashley Srokosz a holistic health practitioner made $3500 pre-selling her course.

So how can you see this kind of results?

Getting dangerously specific about who you serve.  

  • Female Entrepreneurs = not cutting it.  Stay-at-home moms who want to start a freelance writing business  = Yahtzee

Then creating a freebie that serves + sells

Which just happens to be my latest free mini-course. Start module one here.

Write an email sequence that leaves them begging for a buy button to smack

Get them quick wins addressing their unique problems and concerns.  Build their confidence. Toss in some urgency, personal stories, a case study or two. You’re good to go.

2. Video Video Video

Yes, I know video (especially live video) totally dominated social media in 2016 but have you added any in your emails?

Add a quick video of yourself welcoming people to your community (aka your list) with short video shot on your iphone. Nothing fancy! We’re building a personal connection here. Be real person. (Just no driving videos okay?)

Let them know what they to expect from being on your list – how you’ll help, how often you email, why you do what you do and give them ONE thing to do next.  Join your Facebook Group, hit reply, read a popular blog post.

Too awkward on camera? Keep reading for another way…but first you might be thinking…

…hmm…Yeah Kate, but how do I actually send a video?

Include a  screen shot of your video. Link it to where you’re hosting the video, (An unlisted youtube video embedded on a page in your site works great for welcome messages.)  

Content producing machine and no BS life & business coach Kat Loterzo links to a beefy Facebook Live video in this email…

3. Mobile

Over 60% of peeps check their emails on cell phones.  the number keeps growing.

So, here’s a quick mobile friendly checklist

  • Ditch the fancy templates. Most aren’t mobile responsive. And if people can’t read  your email, they’ll delete it
  • Use a bigger size font size –
  • Tighten up  subject lines. Only 41-ish characters show up on iphones

[bctt tweet=”With sooooo many people, teaching soooooo much of the same thing, letting your personality shine and over-delivering is a must. ” username=”@katedoster”]
Hiding behind a screen, with a completely passive funnel isn’t going to work in 2017.
 Do free monthly q & a calls. Post “ask me anything”  threads on Facebook do live videos.
Add personal stories into your emails too. 

5. Personalized Content

I’m not talking about adding their name to messages. though that can help. I’m talking about sending them information they care about at the moment they need it most.

Enter in tagging and segmenting your list.

For example: I talk about growing your audience, webinars and micro-courses. Not everyone on my list who wants to grow their email list wants to hear about webinars. So 2017 is all about sending content to people that actually raised their hand and said “Hey, I want to hear about this”...even if they might be similar.

So I wouldn’t just automatically add my list building peeps into my webinar building sequence.

At some point I’d just send out an email:

“Hey I know you’re into list building, I grown my entire list and thousands of dollars using webinars. In fact, I have free a mini-course all about how you do run your own in as little as a week. If you want it just click on the link to get started, if not click here and I won’t send you anything else about webinars.” 

In today’s post we’re tackling how to get the most out of your email marketing and list building in 2017.  With 6 key trends, you need to incorporate in your online business if you’ll hit a homerun in your subs’ inboxes.

If you’ve been feeling absolutely horrible about yourself because your email list is only 200, or 540 or even 14 people. Don’t!

Question how many subscribers do you think you need to make $10,000 in course sales?

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