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Email marketing for entrepreneurs is an absolute must. As an entrepreneur, you are always keeping a sharp eye out for easy-to-execute and effective strategies to attract, delight, and convert prospects to repeat customers without breaking the bank.


You know customers are the heart of your business, and without their satisfaction and loyalty, your business simply won’t survive.

Using social media is an absolute must for any business. But relying on social media alone won’t get you the results you need. Social media is great for capturing attention and attracting leads. But you definitely don’t want to rely on social media alone for building lasting customer relationships. This is why email marketing for entrepreneurs makes so much sense.

Email marketing is the channel that tears down the barriers between you and your potential customer. Social media is a great introduction. Email marketing is how you connect with your audience more closely, nurture these relationships, and build a community of loyal customers.

Email marketing gives you a real chance to build solid prospect lists, sell your prospects on the value of your products, upsell existing customers, re-engage with customers who rarely buy from you, and boost sales/referrals.

When you run email marketing effectively, you don’t have to figure out how to compete with bigger brands. Why? Because when you build the list, you own the audience. You can invest more of your valuable time nurturing relationships, establishing a loyal customer base, and growing your business.

Take in to account that email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel available and it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs are using it.

So, what are the steps to successful email marketing for entrepreneurs?

Step 1: Building The List

It’s easy to see that you can’t do email marketing without an email list. So, you want to start building your list as soon as possible. Build it before you’re ready to launch.

A proven way to build an email list is to create something valuable in relation to your offer that a prospect would want. Then offer it to them in exchange for their contact information. This could be a downloadable how-to pdf, an industry report, checklist, recipe, online discount, or anything of value.

Invite your social media followers to check out your offer.

Tell your existing network of friends and associates and ask them to spread the word about your offer.

Be consistent in drawing attention to what you have to offer and how it can help potential customers.

Step 2: Designing Your Message Layout

The email marketing service provider you choose will most likely have template options you can use to create a consistent format for your messages. Choose colors, layouts, and fonts that reinforce your company branding.

This will go a long way toward creating a recognizable and reliable impression on your prospects.

Step 3: Optimize Those Subject Lines

The subject line of your messages is critical to your success with email marketing.

The subject line is the first thing you see when you receive an email, right? You want to get this right.

Get this one wrong and your email marketing campaign is dead in the water. If they don’t open your email, they don’t see your message.

Here are some tips to follow:

Good subject lines create curiosity. Ask a question that is relevant to your subscribers.

Good subject lines address the reader by name.

Good subject lines are short. 60 characters or less is usually best.

Step 4: Use Social Proof

Social proof is a great way to influence visitors’ buying decisions, drive sales, and boost conversion rates.

The reason social proof works so well is that you can use it to establish an almost immediate emotional connection with your readers. People trust people more than they trust self-promoting ads. Share successes from previous clients. Share case studies. This reinforces the effectiveness of what you offer.

There are different types of social proof you can use for each stage of the buying journey.

You can share media mentions, customer testimonials, trust badges, video testimonials, quotes from an in-depth customer case study, relevant metrics like the number of customers, influencer mentions, and more.

Step 5: Use a Clear Call To Action

Getting your message opened is only the first step to converting subscribers to customers.

Writing good copy and using great images also play a role in pulling customers in further. However, without a clear call to action (CTA), a subscriber will be unable to tell the next step to take.

A call to action in email marketing is a link or a linked button that shows readers the next step to take. It can also be instructions to “Call Now” and include the phone number the prospect should call.

A good CTA is clear and uses actionable words such as “click here”, “click now”, “call now”, etc… Without providing a clear CTA, your readers may not know exactly what to do and that will crush your conversion rates.

Rule Of Thumb:  Make it clear. Make it easy for your readers to know what to do next.

Step 6: Test All The Above

Once you’ve gone through the process of setting up your messages, it’s time to test, track results and make changes.

Things to check:

Is your list growing? This may be a matter of ad copy, ad placement, form placement on the page, or a combination of all these elements. Don’t be afraid to try different options.

Is your message layout clean, professional, and consistent?

Are your subject lines effective? Shoot for an open rate around 20% or higher.

Do your messages include social proof or case studies? Add new stories as you get them.

Do your messages include a clear CTA? Test different placements, wording, images, etc…

Implementing these tips is a breeze with the right email marketing software. You can save time, get more done, nurture and establish stronger relationships with customers, all while keeping your focus on growing your business.

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