Email List Building Shortcut: 3 ways to get money in the next 24 hours

There are literally 1000’s of ways to make money on the Internet.
Here are 3 that absolutely will work.


Method #1:

Go through your designated “crap drawer” at home, scramble down the back of the sofa and root thru your jacket pockets. I guarantee you’ll find enough change to buy a pizza (or at least a topping).

Method #2:

Post a gig on Fiverr, and sell your least favorite organ for $5. (I recommend the spleen – I’ve never been keen on that one).  😉

Method #3:

Use My Lead Gen Secret.

I built my list to 1200 subscribers in 11 days … and I’m getting paid to do it!

Imagine advertising on Facebook for a penny per lead … and 100% of all
! <== That’s what I’m getting, and you can too!

If you are trying to make money online, it always comes down to getting your offers in front of people interested in what you are selling. This is what IM Trends magazine is all about.

If you are already subscribed to IM Trends, I hope you are reading and profiting from it every month.  Here is a refresher on IM Trends in case you need it.

Each month, IM Trends brings you the latest online marketing methods proven to work on today’s Internet.

But again, all these techniques come down to “getting your offers in front of people”.

Whether you want to get …

  • Or even more followers on social media …

You must figure out ways to get in front of more people.

The traditional model looks like this …

Advertise ==> People click your ad ==> They see your offer ==> They “buy” your offer

Advertising” can be paying for exposure (e.g., Facebook ads, Banner ads, PPC ads on search engines, etc.), and “Advertising” can also be the “free online marketing techniques” (e.g., classified ads, SEO, blogging, article marketing, etc.). Regardless of the method, the goal is to “get people to click through on your ad“.

Once you get the click, prospects (or leads) see your offer. Your offer might be a sales page, a pre-sell page, an opt-in page for your email list, or a post on your blog or social media.

If they like your “offer“, they “buy“. “Buying your offer” can obviously be “making a sale”, but it can also be Liking, Sharing, and/or following your social media posts or blog. It can also mean they opt-in to join your email list.

The video below illustrates how to build your email list using traditional methods.

Vanessa built her list to 15,000+ subscribers using freebie ebooks and reports. Just imagine what YOU could do giving away Premium Software that provides REAL solutions people actually need … for Free!

If Vanessa’s traditional list building method interests you … or if you want to use my new, easier, and faster way revealed below … you can get much bigger results and bigger PROFITS giving away real value this way.

If you think about these steps, they are like a funnel.

If you’ve been marketing online longer than an hour, you undoubtedly have heard of funnels. The idea is you get of people to see your “ad”, click the ad, see your offer, and actually buy.

A funnel is like a filter or a sieve. You put a bunch of prospects in, and a few make it through. You might have to “advertise” to 1000 people, to get 2 or 3 sales or maybe 10 or 15 people to join your email list.

Skip The Funnel … Here’s How To Build Your Email List FAST!

An active list of subscribers is a shortcut to all this.

These are people who have joined your email list so you can send them information (including offers) any time you want. The only problem is you have to go through the funnel process to build your list .. until now!

My lead generation secret skips the entire funnel process:

  • You don’t advertise or use free marketing techniques.
  • You don’t wait for people to click your ad.
  • You don’t get them to see your offer.
  • And you don’t watch just a few people join your list from the 100’s who get to your opt-in page.

These people join your list automatically every day … and better yet, these are people who want your offers!

Once they are on your list, you can send them an email every day if you want. You can send them useful information, affiliate offers, teasers to get them to your blog, and you don’t even need an autoresponder account to do it. 

So, as I stated above …

Imagine advertising on Facebook for a penny per lead
100% of all leads subscribe! <== That’s what I’m getting, and you can too!

I built my list to 1200 subscribers in 11 days …
Tomorrow, I’ll have 200 more …
And I’m actually getting paid to do it!

This free video explains how it all works.

But here’s something not covered in the video…

This program includes a built-in way to make money every month in addition to anything you make sending offers to your exclusive leads. You can learn all about it by clicking the “Affiliates” tab in the orange banner. You can do your own promotion of the link and build an unlimited monthly income.

However, I have built a rotator to build my monthly income, and I will add YOUR affiliate ID to it to help you build your monthly income.

  • If you get ONE referral using your list, you will get 200 subscribers added to your list every day.
  • Once you get SIX referrals, you will get your daily subscribers for free … and you don’t have to stop there. ou can build as big a monthly income as you wish. And again, that does NOT include any sales you get from sending offers to your list.

Would you like to have 36,500 subscribers on your list in one year? … How about 73,000?

The rule of thumb for email marketing to your list is 1% of the subscribers typically buy an offer you send out.

Obviously, this rule works better when you have a large list, but how much would you make if 1% of 73,000 subscribers  bought what you are selling? … 1% of 73,000 subscribers is 730 sales over night. Even if you only made $1 per sale, that’s $730 by tomorrow.

What if you made $10, $20, or $100 per sale?

Does this list building shortcut interest you?

Would you like my help getting there?

I’m still experimenting with my list to see what works best with these leads, and I will share my discoveries with my IM Trends readers.

But for now, I will add your affiliate ID to my rotator for free. All you have to do is set up your daily subscribers account using this link.

Then send me an email with your affiliate ID; send it to and please put “ADD MY ID TO YOUR LEAD ROTATOR” in the subject. I will confirm you joined with my link and then add your link to my rotator so you can benefit from my promotions as well as your own.

Then you can start sending offers, invitations, and useful information to your very own list starting as quickly as today!

Wishing you wealth & prosperity,
Dr. Bryan Stoker

P.S. If you don’t already have something you are trying to promote, here is a
free profit machine
you can use to make money within 24 hours. This link is to a sales page (so you know what you are getting), but you will notice the price is set to zero for you.

P.P.S. If you can make good money selling to these leads, just imagine what you could do when you make money by GIVING products away for free.

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