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I strongly recommend that any musician reading this blog post to go back and check out that posts. This article is very detailed and I go in debt on how to use email Marketing to promote your music online.


The main thing I want you to think of when getting new fans to subscribe to your email list, is  keep the email opt in bribe very close to watch your promoting.

For example, when you’re promoting your album, try using an acoustic version of one of the songs as the optin-bribe.

You can also use discounts to your band’s live shows.

I’ve seen musicians in the past try to get away material things like iPods iPads ETC in order to lure people to sign up for their email list.

This is a bad idea because you’re not hyper targeting your fans.  Your email lists will be full of people that have no interest in your music and have no interest in purchasing your merchandise or tour tickets.

Order to learn more about email marketing for musicians please feel free to click this link.

It will take you to that block posted where I talk about email Marketing for musicians plus you can also take the video course where I go through in very great detail on how I use Aweber to create an email newsletter and promote my music online.

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