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Dear new entrepreneur,
I have seen it written all over the web. There are countless sites of people trying to convince you that you need to sign up with a web host and start shelling out money for a hosting package right away. The truth is that you don’t actually have to. And you probably shouldn’t. Here are a 5 things they aren’t telling you.


  1. You have to pay up front: Bluehost requires you to to pay $144.20 right up front. Then after three years the price goes up to $120 a year after that.
  2. They will get a $65 kickback: The person that is referring people to Bluehost gets $65 for every person they refer. So they often times refer a ton of people, even if its not in the best interest of those that they are referring.
  3. There are countless free services you should probably use first: You Don’t actually need to sign up with Bluehost to use WordPress. You can just go to and get a free account there.
  4. Producing valuable content is incredibly difficult : The web is hyper competitive. Producing unique, high quality content that lets you make just one dollar in profit or maybe just $500 in profit is incredibly challenging
  5. The headaches really start to begin once you get a hosting account: Getting a hosting account is just the very beginning of producing a high quality custom website. And as it turns out high quality custom websites require a ton of money and time commitment and a high level of technical skill.

    But why are they telling me that you need to shell out $144.20 right now?
    A. Because the person telling you this will get a $65 or more kickback for you doing so. Thats a good chunk of change.
    You don’t need to give them $65. And you don’t need to give BlueHost $144 right now. All you really need to do is start producing content. See how you like it. See if anybody else likes it and visits your work.

4 Reasons why you should wait

  1. There is no reason that you need to spend money up front. There are tons of free services. Check out (which is what I used to write this article)or
  2. Producing content can be a pain in the ass. Believe me, because I have personally spent over $75,000 on paying for content production. Our hard working team has written over 14,000 blog articles. It takes an incredible amount of work to produce consistent quality content.
  3. You don’t know how dedicated you will be to producing content or how many people will actually come by and visit your work. You might get burned out after a few weeks or a few months.
  4. Building a full featured, customized, well functioning wordpress site is actually quite difficult and very technical. You should expect to spend thousands of dollars to get the site designed and working correctly.

How to make $1 from your website

In order to make your $144 back plus make one dollar of profit you will likely need to reach over 57,000 people.

How to make $500 from your website

Getting people to read your content and be interested in your stuff requires a tremendous amount of work. If you desire to make say $500 in profit from a blog you probably need to reach almost 200,000 people! Here is an example of how many people you will need to reach.

An easier way to start your journey to reach tens of thousands of people

  • Signup with a completely free service like
  • Setup a Facebook page and post your articles there and start getting your friends to hit “Like”
  • Start producing content for 6 months. See how it goes
  • Once you reach your 50,000 visitor (you can easily check your stats) then you can start shelling out the money for a hosting service like BlueHost and dealing with all the intricacies of WordPress, servers, and html/css. And yes 50,000 is a lot of people. As it turns out you have to have a huge audience to make even a tiny tiny bit of money.

Additional Questions

Well, Why Should I Listen To You? You don’t have to listen to me. But I may be able to help you a bit. I’ve been working on the web for 15 years. I have spent over $13,000 building a large complex hosted website on wordpress that 20 million visitors have visited . I have spent over $75,000 on producing content. Our team cranks out 2,750 blog posts a year and to date has produced over 14,000 blog posts. Yes. Its exhausting.
But I want to build a big huge profitable website, don’t you think I am going to need a webhost? Yea, but why not start with free services. You can create and build up a page on Facebook. Or if you want a basic site, you could create a simple website with or and do your blogging here on . Then after you have gotten your 50,000th visitor you can try these other paid services. One step at a time.
Do you think BlueHost is a good hosting company? Honestly, I don’t really know. I bet they are fine. I think you could spend some time researching their uptime and customer support in other parts of the web. Also note that shared hosting is usually inexpensive and sometimes not as reliable as having a dedicated server for your site.
I have more questions. Sounds good, I would love to hear them. Just drop me a line on twitter. . I would love to try to help you out.

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