Digital Marketing for Industrial Products: The Only Guide You Need

Industrial markets are now rising above after the blow of the pandemic. As a result of this, many industrial brands are contemplating investment in digital marketing. The need and want of digital marketing for industrial products are seeing a rise and it’s only going to rise to hire keeping the latest industry trends in mind.


According to a report, more than 58% of industrial brands are turning to website analysis to search for prospective buyers. Moreover, many industrial brands are investing in paid content promotion.

This means that digital marketing is already making a mark in the industrial sector. Therefore, your industrial product needs digital marketing as well.

This is why I have come up with this smart guide on digital marketing for industrial products today. Through this guide, you will be heard, be seen, and be loved. So, are you ready? Let’s begin.

Where Does Digital Marketing Fit in Industrial Products Marketing Game?

In today’s digitally forward world, every business is existing in both the traditional and digital space simultaneously. Even the businesses which were traditionally thought to not need marketing are undertaking marketing. One such business is the business of industrial products.

An industrial product business functions slightly differently than a normal business. Not only is it mainly connected to the B2B aspect of marketing. It is also mainly focused on manufacturing and raw material arenas. But that doesn’t mean industrial product business is devoid of marketing.

These days, every business though existing online. There are many who are not taking advantage of digital marketing. Industrial products business is one of them.

If this is the case with your industrial business then you must understand what you’re missing out on. 

Without online digital marketing, your business may be missing out on a chunk of significant clients and opportunities.

That’s not something you want for your brand right? So here’s how online digital marketing can do wonders for your industrial business. 

But first, let us understand what is an industrial market, and what does it entail? And then we will find more about digital marketing for industrial products.

What is an Industrial Market?

To put it simply, an industrial market is one where industrial products are sold and services are performed.

In a more technical aspect of it, the industrial market consists of every party, whether it is an individual or an organization, that sells goods and services which is further processed to be supplied to others.

Still not understanding? Let’s take an example.

Suppose I run a company of industrial products in Seattle, I am in the business of selling batteries used in phones and other electronic devices.

So my client will be someone who manufactures phones and other electronic devices right? I am supplying the product that I create to be further supplied to others.

This is what mostly happens in an industrial market.

Now that you have understood what industrial marketing entails, let us understand why digital marketing is important for industrial products.

What is Industrial Digital Marketing?

In simple words, Industrial digital marketing means marketing your industrial products in the digital space.

When you promote your industrial products and services through multiple digital channels, this is called industrial digital marketing. 

As someone in the industrial market, your mainstream customers are from the B2B sector. You might have been thinking that you don’t need digital marketing since most of your target customers are through referrals.

However, that is not the case anymore. I am sure in the past few years, you have seen how the importance of digital marketing has grown manifold.

Especially after the global pandemic hit us, we have come to an understanding that digital marketing is like a vitamin to the smooth functioning of our business at all times.

This is why your industrial brand needs digital marketing. Most of the time you now reach your target customers through digital mediums, so why not promote your brand in the same space? All of the people in the world are here. So, why aren’t you?

How Can Industrial Products Benefit From Digital Marketing? 5 Benefits

Let us suppose there is a brand that contemplating digital marketing for industrial products. What would be the first thing that would come to the brand’s mind? The question is why.

This industrial products company will think long and hard about the reasons as to why should it choose a digital marketing technique to market its industrial products.

So don’t worry, we will give you the answer to why.

1. Clarity of Vision and Easy Monitoring 

No business can function well if it doesn’t have a clear vision, and if that vision isn’t monitored well.

Especially when it comes to marketing industrial products, It becomes all the more tricky.

Because, In an industrial product market, businesses usually have one set of clear vision more or less, its vision is to serve the client with the best possible.

So taking the instance of the same industrial product company of Seattle, say in the business of manufacturing and developing solar panels.

Its vision and mission will be simple, targeting big manufacturing companies and other organizations that would want to buy solar panels.

So which one do you choose to market a brand like this? for a moment there you might think of choosing traditional marketing over digital marketing, but here’s the catch.

With traditional marketing techniques, success can be troublesome. For example, with TV advertising or billboard print advertising, your ad spent is huge and not targeted to the limited target audience that you actually want your product to reach.

However, this is not the case with digital marketing, and this is where online digital marketing comes in place. With online digital marketing of your Industrial products. You’ll be in a better position to monitor the functioning in real-time. And modify it as and when needed.

Even though the industrial product market is huge, the target audience is pretty limited.

They might buy big in one go, but the customers are the same small bunch of groups.

So building trust in this limited client pool is very important. 

Because if you lose even one client in this industry, it might lead you to suffer a grave loss both financially and goodwill-wise.

So how does digital marketing come in place here?

With online digital marketing, you get to have the advantage of SEO.

Constantly providing relevant and credible information to your target customers will help in building a sense of trust. This will increase your client pool and thus improve your customer acquisition and retention as a whole. 

3. Improved Communication With Your Clients

Creating awareness about the brand will be imperative. 

Let’s just accept the fact that your business is as good as not established if you haven’t created channels where it is seen, heard, and loved.

Now, suppose, you take on traditional marketing and choose broadcast media to advertise your brand. What will happen?

It will cost you a fortune and will reach a limited number of your target customers.

It will surely advertise your brand in a generic manner. But there won’t be any interpersonal communication attached to it. 

In today’s digitally evolved world, clients want a real-time interpersonal touch.

Especially in the industrial business. With limited target customers at your disposal, you might want to strive to create a lasting deep relationship with them.

Moreover, They want to be heard, considered, and want their products to be customized.

They want the business services to be available to them anytime, anywhere.

This can be achieved with your brand’s digital presence. It’s an added advantage for your business. And it’ll make your clients happy. Win-win.

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4. A Competitive Advantage 

Call it fate, destiny, or luck. But not many industrial businesses are existing digitally.

A lot of them have a misconception that online digital marketing isn’t going to work for their industrial business.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because this gives your business a competitive advantage. 

In a world where you have to always be one step ahead of your competitors, digital marketing offers that opportunity to the ones in the industrial business.

By shaping and creating online digital marketing for your industrial business.

You’ll quickly get ahead in your game and reap rewards for being one of the firsts to adopt an online digital marketing strategy. 

5. Brand Awareness And Increased Sales

One of the major benefits that an industrial business gets from online digital marketing is increased brand awareness and sales.

According to the statistics, more than 98% of potential customers are looking for their suppliers online.

This makes it extremely imperative to have a well thought, well-executed digital marketing strategy in place.

Moreover, developing a strong and steady customer base is a prima facie to the marketing of industrial products.

Not only do you need new customers, but you also want to retain them for a long time and set strong customer equity for your brand.

This is why, when you choose digital marketing for your industrial products, it will help in raising awareness and recognition for your brand.

Moreover, It will also help in increasing customers and retaining old ones. Good return on investment in my opinion.

Which Digital Marketing Services Do The Industrial Companies Need?

Now that you know what digital marketing for industrial brands entails, let’s understand which service would they need.

Digital marketing is a vast arena with many different channels to target. However, as an industrial brand, your preferences and target audience will be slightly different from others. 

This is why you need to understand which channels will get you the most response. So, let’s take a look at which digital marketing services your industrial company will need.

1. A Well Established Website

This is an unmissable digital marketing service an industrial brand needs. According to a report, the first 5 seconds of impression your website sets creates a huge impact on conversion. 

Another report states that landing pages of a website have the highest conversion rate of about 24%. 

These statistics are a specimen of how important a website is while promoting your industrial product in a digital channel.

Therefore, one of the most important digital services your industrial company will need is a website.

2. Content Creation Services

If digital marketing is a fish, content is its sea. No digital marketing channel can function without content. According to a report, 40% of marketers are of the belief that content marketing works wonders for a brand.

From your website to your social media channels, the center of attention always lies in the content you are putting there.

This is why it is important that your industrial company pays attention to this incredibly important aspect of digital marketing.

Since you are in the industrial market, your content creation services will mainly be focused on being informative. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot take a leap of creativity here. 

Create a lasting, impactful, informative, and compelling content marketing strategy and your digital marketing plan will prosper.

Email marketing is one of the most underutilized yet most important aspects of industrial digital marketing.

A report suggests that 86% of industrial professionals give preference to email marketing. These are some serious statistics for considering email marketing services as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

With email marketing, you can directly inform your potential customers about the products you are selling.

You can deliver specifications, information, prices, discounts, and special benefits to a selected few.

Moreover, you can also keep your customers informed about the industry trends and how you can help them achieve the best of those trends.

This way, you will build your brand bigger and bigger and you will be heard, be seen, and be loved.

4. Search Engine Optimization 

If you are opting for digital marketing and not opting for search engine optimization, you are making the biggest mistake.

According to a report, Google accounted for 70% of web search traffic in 2021. Following Google were Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo which accounted for 13%, 12%, and 2% of the search traffic respectively.

Not only this, another report suggests that the first five clicks on the first page of a search engine garner 67.60% of clicks. 

This means that if you are below the first five sections on a search engine, there is a high chance your industrial brand will become invisible to the target audience.

So, it is important to incorporate search engine optimization services in your digital marketing plan for it to shine.

5. Social Media Marketing

According to a report, social media constitutes 3.36 billion users. Moreover, by 2025, this number will increase to 4.41 billion.

Another report suggests that in B2B advertising, social media marketing was used by 83% of the marketers and garnered second-highest success.

This means that social media marketing is one of the strongest elements of digital marketing for your industrial brand. As a result, it should not be missed.

Does SEO Matter for Industrial Products Marketing?

The long and short of it is, Yes. SEO is one of the most important elements of industrial products marketing.

We have already gathered that you need to design a website in order to be seen by your target customers.

However, what do you do if you have created the most amazing website, but no one visits it?

This is where SEO comes into the picture. In order for your website to be heard, be seen, and be loved, it is important that it is optimized to top the search engine rankings. 

I am aware that as you operate in the industrial sector, you have a selected breed of target customers. You might want to use word-of-mouth marketing to reach out to them.

However, it is highly important for your brand to embrace SEO in today’s ever-changing market. This is because even your target audience is trying to search for industrial brands that are topping the pages of the search engines.

Not only this, your business will be harmed if you are solely dependant on traditional word-of-mouth means. This is because the word of mouth is also happening in the digital space now.

With search engine optimization, you will always be on the top of the first page of the search engine. This will increase your visibility and reach. 

Moreover, since you will be on top of a search engine, the customers will already have a good first impression of you and will prefer you over others. This is why you need search engine optimization.

Does Social Media for Boring Industrial Products Make Sense?

The next question you might have is why should you choose social media marketing for industrial products? Does it even make sense?

Well to answer your question, yes it makes perfect sense. In fact, it is preferable that you promote your products on social media channels.

The era our businesses are operating in is the social media era. If you are not adapting to social media marketing, your business will be fading away soon. 

However, your question is pretty valid. In a social space where people have fun, will they want to view technical industrial content? Yes, they will.

This is because, on social media, you have the liberty to customize your target audience. This means that if you are manufacturing nuts and bolts, you can choose your target audience as the brands and engineers operating in the field.

Not only this, that will be your space to represent you as a brand and not just your products and services. This will enhance your brand awareness and recognition.

Moreover, with social media, you can provide an interactive base for your audience to answer their queries and solve their grievances. 

It will be easier for your customers to reach you for help through social media no matter where they are, and you will be able to line up assistance and help to them.

Furthermore, you can post informative content, trends, specifications, and information on your social media pages. You can design the content to suit your target audience.

This will give them a lot of rich information they seek and will be able to build a sense of trust with your brand.

All in all, social media is one of the greatest tools that will help your industrial business not only survive but thrive in the overtly competitive industrial setup.  

5 Extremely Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Industrial Companies

Now, you have a deep understanding of how digital marketing will help your industrial business. So, I will now give you a few tried, tested, and immensely effective digital marketing tips for industrial companies.

Incorporate these in your digital marketing plan and you will be heard, be seen, and be loved.

Target LinkedIn

Whenever we talk about social media marketing, a lot of brands often ignore LinkedIn. However, Linkedin is one of the most underrated marketing gems, especially for an industrial product. 

According to a report, LinkedIn consists of more than 722 million users worldwide.

Not only this, 96% of the B2B brands prefer researching about another brand on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, 83% of the B2B marketers are actively distributing paid content on LinkedIn. Source

These statistics show what an important element of digital marketing LinkedIn is. Therefore, it is important that you focus on this social media marketing channel.

You can post informative content about your industrial product and services. Moreover, you can also indulge in discussions about the industry you are operating in.

Furthermore, you can send out pitches to your target customers on LinkedIn. Since they are more closely monitoring your brand’s page for the information they seek, it is important you keep them updated with rich content.

Build A Digital Community

According to a report from Global Web Index, 76% of the global internet users were a part of an online community in 2020.

Moreover, the report also suggests that the community-building platform Reddit has over 1,30,000 communities.

Furthermore, 59% of the organizations use online communities to conduct their research about products or services.

Since the industrial sector has a special and niche audience, digital communities will work wonders for your brand. Being a part of digital communities will bring your clients under the same roof as your brand.

Then, actively engaging in these communities will help you build trust and reliability amongst your target customers. This will then turn into conversions and lifelong relationships between your target customers and you.

Sounds like a plan right?

Use Influencer Marketing

Many brands have a misconception that influencer marketing works only when you collaborate with big celebrities and won’t work for industrial products. However, that is not the case.

The influencer marketing world is growing rapidly to become worth 13.8 billion. As a result, it is important that your industrial brand incorporates this strategy into its digital marketing plan. 

However, this doesn’t mean you have to collaborate with heavy-duty influencers.

You can collaborate with a known name in the industry you are operating. Someone who your target customers look up to.

For instance, if I had written a book on marketing and if I reach out to Mr. Philip Kotler to talk about it, there are chances a lot of people will buy my book.

This is because Mr. Philip Kotler is practically the god of the marketing world. So, him promoting a book will give the audience a belief that the book must be a quality one.

Therefore, find the influencers specific to your industry and collaborate with them. This will enhance your brand awareness and instill a sense of trust and credibility amongst the target audience.

Create Informative And Technical Content

As I already mentioned, content creation will help you win the digital marketing game.

When it comes to marketing an industrial product, the content your brand creates needs to be in alignment with what audiences desire.

As someone seeking an industrial product, a brand will prefer informative content over entertaining one. Therefore it is important that your brand creates relevant, informative, and technically feasible content.

This will help your target customers understand all about the product and services you are offering and you will shine.

However, make sure your content is also optimized. This will be key to your brand’s success.

Be In Sync With The Industrial Trends

We all know how dynamic the industrial sector is. Trends and preferences change very quickly.

It is important that you stay on top of these trends. If you lose out on these, you won’t be able to take advantage of them in your digital marketing plan of action.

This will give your competitors an edge over you, and you might lose out on customers. Since the industrial sector has limited customers with bigger deals, you must be aware of how the loss of one customer will be catastrophic for your brand. 

Therefore, it is important to stay on top of all the industrial trends. Never stop the market research and align your digital marketing activities with the trends.

The digital age has truly transformed the way businesses are advertising, marketing their business, and engaging with their target audience.

Online Digital marketing continues to have a big impact even in unconventional businesses like industrial products. 

It is no surprise that if you choose the digital marketing road for your industrial products, you are bound to shine bright and for a long time.

Not only this, proper digital marketing and advertising plan for your industrial products will have a deeply meaningful impact on the target audience and will lead you to a good return on investment.

However, It can be daunting to create an effective marketing strategy for a platform the business isn’t aware of.

But you don’t have to worry. Any guidance you require, we are here to provide. 

A proper balance of creativity and the analytical element is a given for the success of any digital marketing plan. The end goal being customer acquisition and retention.

If you have any further insights to share about the digital marketing of industrial products, feel free to reach out to us. 

Here, all your suggestions and insights will be heard, be seen, and be loved.

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