CC 061: Sales Funnel & Email Marketing Automation With Greg Hickman

In this episode of The Content Champion Podcast, I’m delighted to host sales funnel and email marketing automation expert Greg Hickman – founder and CEO of A certified Infusionsoft partner and with years of experience using many other marketing automation systems, Greg and his team have created sales funnels that convert for bluechip clients such as John Lee Dumas and Chris Ducker.In this fascinating show, I chat with Greg about the systems and processes he uses to drive proven results for his clients, and how we can use marketing automation tools to make more money in less time. Let’s dive in…


Listen To Greg’s ShowGreg’s BackstoryGreg spent the first decade of his career in the mobile marketing space, and became so knowledgeable in the sector that he also started a side blog and podcast on the subject whilst working his agency day job.Soon enough, his mobile marketing blog paved the way into digital course sales and the establishment of a fledgling agency, which went on to achieve great success before growth plateaued – leaving Greg looking for a different career direction. Being an expert Infusionsoft user in his own business to that point, Greg thought the most logical idea would be to start offering marketing automation assistance to businesses – so he trained for Infusionsoft certification and became a full partner in 2015.Launching his new venture in August of that year, Greg knew he was onto something very profitable when he attracted six new marketing automation customers in just seven days – and thus was born and has thrived ever since.In this fascinating 40 minute show, I chat with Greg about the systems and processes he uses to deliver proven marketing automation results for his clients – and pick up some really actionable tips we can all use in our businesses after the show.

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Show NotesIn this 40-minute episode we discuss :

Greg’s career history and how was founded
Where to start with sales funnels and how to understand our target audienceDeveloping engaging lead magnets to attract new prospectsBuilding landing pages to grow our email subscribersThe main types of sales funnels the experts are usingHow to build relationships with our email subscribersExample email funnel types to use for maximum effectTech and automation tools we can use depending on our needsCommon mistakes people make with their marketing automationHow to tag and segment your email listsHow the customer journey impacts your front and back end contentWhere we can find Greg’s services onlinePlus! The PS Question! Greg shares one of the best tactics I’ve ever heard on the PS Question – so make sure you listen to the end!

Resources Mentioned In This ShowSystem.lyThe Do Not Disturb FormulaEOFireDigital MarketerAmy Porterfield

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