Cameroon: Anticipating December 6 Regional Election – South West Politicians Begin List Building

The low and highlands, the waters, and the forests of the Region must be crossed to reap the seats into the new Regional Council and House of Chiefs.


Following the Head of State’s decree last 7 September calling the electorate for 6 December, 2020, to vote Regional Councilors, a new crop of politicians of the South West Region are on their heels to build their voting lists in the six administrative Divisions of Fako, Kupe-Muanenguba, Lebialem, Manyu, Meme and Ndian.

These six Divisions are the electoral colleges of the South West Region. It is not yet clear how many parties will be vying for seats in the Region, but going by previous council and parliamentary elections, the CPDM stands out tallest as an umbrella for the various seats. Although the SDF has made some pronouncements in the direction of not participating, pundits say it may change its position in the days ahead and be another heavy weighted participant at the 6 December polls. Whereas the eight other Regions of Cameroon will be having a walk over the exercise of constituting lists, campaigning and mobilizing for voting in their electoral constituencies, the situation appears to be nightmarish in the two Regions of North West and South West. Reason: the security crisis raging on now for over three years and the difficult road network aggravated with the heavy down pours. A Priest once said in Mundemba years ago while eulogizing at late Honourable Mbile’s funeral, “The anus of the fowl shall be exposed the day the wind will blow”. This means that the various elite and chiefs concerned with the election must travel back to their constituencies which they had abandoned since four years now. Every political party flexing its muscles for 6 December polls in the South West must be actively present in their constituencies at Divisional headquarters for the election. In the South West where the elite and traditional rulers are directly involved in the indirect suffrage of Regional councilors and the House of Chiefs, all are expected to be back home where many have not been for long. They fled for their dear lives abandoning their homes, shrines and property to armed groups who were stalking them. In public speeches these days, it is affirmed that many meaningful chiefs and elite had fled their homes to nearby towns especially in regions other than North West and South West.

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The allotment of total seats to be elected for the six constituencies in the South West was known since 2 September giving Fako (24), Kupe Muanenguba (10), Lebialem (09), Manyu (13), Meme (18), and Ndian (16). Breaking down the figures it was clear that of their various lots Ndian will produce three chiefs, Meme (03), Manyu (04), Lebialem (03), Kupe-Muanenguba (04) and Fako (03), totaling 20 for the South West House of Chiefs. Meanwhile 70 elites will be elected to be councilors of the Region in addition to the 10 that the Head of State, President Paul Biya, will appoint for a complete House of 100 (elite and chiefs) to seat in Buea, the Regional capital.

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