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“It was clear from the beginning that Shawn had a few years of experience under his belt already. ”


From the first meeting, ThinkProfits began crafting a strategy based on making all aspects of Butler Plumbing’s long-term profitability stronger. Shawn wasn’t interested in simply throwing money at Kevin’s strategic marketing problems. Creating infrastructure for future growth while developing comprehensive solutions for the now was what the team began to collaborate with Kevin on from the first day of the campaign.

“They offered the complete package. Digital marketing was new to a lot of companies I interviewed. This was a team of professionals. I knew that from the get-go.”

For all clients, the first step ThinkProfits takes is to pinpoint exactly where to optimize and implements research-based procedures. This ensures that every campaign has a scalable, data-driven blueprint to success with the client’s unique customer base.

“Every time I need them, they are there as a team to support me.”

From ground-level changes with campaign creative and metrics reporting structure to high-level strategic impact planning, the solutions that ThinkProfits proposed to Kevin were explained down the smallest detail.

The onboarding process was easy, filled with practical steps and simple instructions. Shawn carefully connected each action to Butler Plumbing’s overall growth priorities. ThinkProfits also provides clients a soundboard for ideas on positioning and brand rollout; from brainstorming to the analysis of trends.

“This is the number one thing you should outsource to people who know what they are doing. Marketing can be very time-consuming. As an owner/operator, your time can be much better spent. “

The first quarter of the campaign was focused on digital and procedural development to dramatically improve the outcomes for the existing campaigns. From there, Shawn built a framework to harness the power of Butler Plumbing’s existing client data and turn the information into sustainable processes. According to Kevin once the team was prepared to “step on the gas with ad spend” the performance difference was noticeable within weeks.

“Plumbers are really great at plumbing. Let those with marketing skills make your job easy!”

Kevin’s favorite aspect of the campaign is how easily he can switch targeting goals to match current promotions in the business or new opportunity avenues that arise in real-time with ease.

The enhanced digital footprint that Shawn created for Butler Plumbing equips the company to stay on top of the search results for Alberta. Kevin considers ThinkProfits a true partner and guide in navigating growth with precision and ease

“I think we all just want to help people. And, at the end of the day, folks have to know you’re there in order for you to help them. You could be sitting in your office, ready to connect with the world. But if they can’t see or get ahold of you, not too much is going to happen. Get out there!”

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