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Deciding between Bluehost vs. HostGator for web hosting is a challenging task, but we ultimately believe that Bluehost is the best option for most people.


These two companies are two of the biggest names in the web hosting business.

They’re also highly comparable to one another in terms of the features they offer to all levels of website owners, from beginner to expert.

As website managers ourselves, we know a lot about comparing and contrasting the features of different web hosting companies to find those that give each site the tools they need most. This was a very close comparison! Comparing Bluehost and HostGator came down to the finest details as we considered features like uptime, managed hosting, traffic volume, and customer support.

Bluehost ultimately edged ahead of HostGator in a few key areas, like traffic volume, speed, and higher-tier hosting plans for large websites and businesses. Read our comparison guide below to learn where each hosting company excels.

Bluehost Pros and Cons



HostGator Pros and Cons



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