Bluehost Review [My Honest Opinion 2019]

For about 1 year I am using Bluehost services on my other websites.
In this article, I am going to lay out the main metrics which are needed to review Bluehost such as Load time , Uptime , Customer Support , and Security features .
So, without wasting any time let’s take a look at Bluehost background information.
Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting company in the world. Founded by Danny Ashworth & Matt Heaton in Provo, Utah 1996.
It is the number one hosting provider recommended by WordPress. Bluehost helps you to install WordPress in one click.
They offer 24/7 support via email, live chat. It is recommended as number one hosting provider for small businesses. Currently, Bluehost is a part of Endurance Inernational Group.
Bluehost hosts currently 2 million websites all over the globe. It is known for it’s least expensive web hosting plans.
Bluehost has built a great reputation over the years, especially when it comes to WordPress hosting.
In this Bluehost review , we will cover some important topics which are needed to review Bluehost. The topics we will look into are –
1. Reliability — Will your website available 24/7, 365 days without a single downtime.
2. Security — We will also see how well Bluehost performs when it comes to website security.
3. Customer Support — Is their customer support good?
4. Speed & Performance — How fast your website will load? Testing their server response & speed time.
5. Features — What features they offer to build a website?
6. Pricing — How much their services cost? Is it Worth?
Bottom Line — If you don’t want to read all the information and details. Here is a quick summary about Bluehost review.
In Bluehost review, I have found that Bluehost is reliable, fast and affordable with 24/7 support team. That’s why I recommend you Bluehost.
Now let’s jump right into our detailed Bluehost review and decide yourself.


Pros and Cons of Bluehost –

Everything in this world is not perfect. All web hosting have their cons and pros. Below are some pros and cons of Bluehost that I have figured out.
Pros –
Now, let’s see some advantages of Bluehost.
1. Free Domain — The best thing about Bluehost is that they provide a free domain for 1 year.
2. No hidden expenses — Bluehost never charges additional or hidden expenses.
3. Reliability — Bluehost has a minimum downtime.
4. Free SSL — Google has mandatory SSL certificate installations on websites to ensure visitors saftey (Personal information, Passwords) etc.
Bluehost provides free SSL certificate for 1 year to ensure safety of your users.
Cons –
Now. let’s see some disadvantages of using Bluehost.
1. The high price of renewal domains — Bluehost renewal domain price is high than the actual price.
2. Upselling Addons — Bluehost has an aggressive upselling during the signup process.
3. Website migration- If you want to change your website hosting from Bluehost to another they don’t provide serious customer support.

Speed & Performance

One of the most important factor when it comes to search engine rankings is page speed. Higher the page loading, higher will be your bounce rate.
So before buying any web hosting make sure that your site is optimized for page speed. Let’s take a look at how fast your website will load on Bluehost –
For this test, I create a simple website on WordPress with some images and content. Then run a speed test for that page on Pingdom * and here is the result –
So, as you can see from the screenshot above Bluehost loads in less than 2 seconds which is faster than 85% of all websites.
Helpful Resources –

An epic guide on how to start a blog using Bluehost
Watch Video on how to start a blog using Bluehost.

Bluehost Features

Bluehost offers several features to their users. These include E-commerce features, Refund policy, Ease of use.
E-commerce features — it is very easy to set up an online E-commerce store on Bluehost.
Bluehost gives free SSL certificate and GPG/OpenPGP encryption. Bluehost gives tons of features which will help you to sell online products.
2. Refund Policy — Some of the Bluehost plans gives 30-days money back guarantee which means if you get any issue and cancel Bluehost subscription, you will get a refund amount.
After 30 days of a period, no refund is given.
3. Ease of use — Bluehost dashboard is very easy to use. You can install WordPress on Bluehost in just one click. Bluehost Cpanel interface is good and impressive.

Applications, Integration and Many E-commerce features.

Bluehost not only comes with security features but also allows us to integrate with different kinds of services such as Google Apps, Integrating Cloudfare (CDN) directly to Cpanel.
You can bring all of the perks of Google to your website by integrating Google Apps.
While CDN is a free, popular content delivery network service which allows you to boost up your websites and data breaches.
Bluehost also provides e-commerce features such as allowing customers to setup online store carts with an endless no. of options.
You can use MOJO marketplace to install a shopping cart software easily.

Bluehost Security features

Security of a website is the most important era where Bluehost excels. Bluehost provides three layers of anti-spam protection such as Apache Spam Assasin , Spam Hammer , Spam experts .
You all directories are password protected by Bluehost.
Bluehost has also IP blacklist option where you can access to your site.
They also provide (SSH) secure shell feature which helps you to access configuration files and data safely and individually.
With a large number of increasing DDOS attacks, Cyber attacks increasingly day by day it’s important to find a web host with good security options.
Website security is more important now than before. Bluehost integrates several security layers to your website.
You can also activate two-factor authentication for more website security.
Bluehost also gives token validation security, you can use this six-digit code to verify your identity and ownership before changing your passwords.

Customer Support

Bluehost has a great customer support 24/7 to help you out.
Bluehost provides huge articles, guides step-by-step videos to fix your problems.
Recently they removed their ticket based support system which is good if your issue is not resolved during live chat or phone session.

Pricing & Plans

Bluehost offers various types of hosting like Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting.
If you don’t understand the difference between these hosting I recommend you to read this article different types of hosting.
Bluehost is not cheap as compared to other web hosts, but their server response time and low price tags make them an excellent option for small business websites.
Shared hosting plans are cheap and best when starting a new website.
I recommend you to go with Shared hosting if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Conclusion: Is Bluehost right choice or you?

Well, you have read the whole review on Bluehost. You might be thinking it’s best for you or not.
Bluehost is ranked as #1 hosting company several times. They provide a free domain for 1 year while other companies don’t.
Most importantly if you are a beginner and just starting out I hugely recommend you Bluehost.
Click here to visit Bluehost….

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