Bluehost Discount Code – How To Get The Best Deal On Web Hosting

You want to make a website for your business and have already decided you want to go with Bluehost for some obvious reasons. They have great customer service, super fast server speeds, easy integration with WordPress, and hopefully low costs. That last part about the low costs is the kicker. This article is gonna show you how to get the best deal on web hosting with the exclusive Bluehost discount code! I don’t wanna be one of those food bloggers that write 1000 teaser words before I even show you the recipe you came for. So, I’m gonna come out and tell you that there is a Bluehost discount where you can get 70% off 12 months of monthly hosting.


To take advantage of our exclusive 70% Bluehost discount code, just click the button below to activate your deal before Bluehost gets rid of the discount code!

Bluehost Discount Code Full Transparency

Most website hosts have to compete with the low market cost of hosting so they do what’s called a loss leader. A loss leader is a pricing strategy to attract a bunch of new customers at a price that isn’t profitable but then allows for profits in the future. One thing I didn’t realize is that the cost of Bluehost after the discount is only available for the period you selected. If you bought 12 months of hosting at $2.95 then at month 13 you won’t be paying $2.95 still. It’s going to renew at $10/month which is still reasonable but it’s way more than the $2.95 you expected from the coupon. Regardless, I would still recommend doing 12 months of Bluehost if you think it would be helpful for your business. You can always buy hosting again with a different email address to lock in the $2.95/month discount and then transfer the domain to point at the new host. If you want a full unbiased Bluehost Review then you should read and learn if it’s right for you. If you are curious about how to build a website on Bluehost then this article is helpful.

How do I get an extra discount on Bluehost?

The main discount is the 70% off hosting for 12 months or 45% off hosting for 36 months. In order to unlock the discount, click this link and sign up for hosting. Then, just walk through each step which is basically just filling out your website information, contact info, and payment details.

Does this Bluehost Discount Code work in all countries like India, America, China…?

Yes it should but the pricing for each country will differ. So the amount you save will change depend on the currency your country uses but you should still get over 50% savings with the help of this Bluehost discount code article.

Do I have to do anything to add my Bluehost discount code before checking out?

No that is a great part about this. Bluehost will give you the discount when you click my link so the discount is automatically added when you checkout! It’s nice how it does that because it’s less work for you to do. If you have any questions about the discount or if it saved you money, just leave a message in the comments.

Why do I care to help you?

This website is helpful for me and other business owners because it is providing valuable content for free. I wrote articles on this site like how to create a free Amazon Business Account because I will build credibility as a writer and save you money. I am passionate about blogging and digital marketing so sharing life hacks and discounts online is fun!

Need a final push?

Startups are about STARTING. I know so many people with fabulous ideas but they get stuck because they don’t know how to make their idea into a reality. The best advice I can give is to make a website, show it to people and get feedback! But so many people say starting a website is too expensive or difficult. That’s no excuse! After you get the discount in this article, it will only cost you $35 for the first year! ($2.95/month x 12 months = $35.4) Plus, there are unlimited youtube videos which will show you how to build a website on WordPress with Bluehost and they are aimed at beginners. If you need a final push to take control of your future success, then build a website today! After all, DisruptMagazine is a booming website and it was only possible because the founder took a first step and bought web hosting.

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