Bigrock vs Bluehost India – Which Is The (Best) Hosting? February 2019

Choosing Web Hosting is the most crucial decision of the process when you plan to Start A WordPress Website or an online business.


From my experience, it is very important for you to take this decision carefully.

It is always hard to choose a reliable web hosting company due to your wants & the features offered by the hosting companies.

In this article, I will give you a detailed comparison between two of India’s biggest web hosting companies: Bigrock and Bluehost India. Many people find it difficult to choose one between these two. I have tested and made research about these two companies and their services to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, by the end of this article, you would be equipped with the appropriate knowledge of making a choice. Also, knowing which one is best for you and suits your needs will save you a lot of headache down the lane.

So, let’s start with this Bigrock vs Bluehost review:

#1. General Overview of Bigrock & Bluehost India

Without a doubt, these two are the biggest web hosting companies in India. They are famous for their hosting services, price & plans and I will make the comparison based on several parameters which will encompass all they have to offer.

However, before we proceed, here is a brief description of both.

General Overview of Bigrock

Bigrock is a web hosting company targeted for Indian people. Bigrock India, as the name implies is another branch of Bigrock. What brought about the establishment of this company in 2010 was the need to offer services to customers in India.

They are an ICANN-accredited domain registrar that offer services such as web hosting, domain purchasing, electronic registration, digital certificates, email hosting and website design.

Their hosting types include Linux, Windows, WordPress, Joomla, E-commerce and Reseller hosting. Plus, it supports all commonly used programming languages like PERL, PHP, Python and many others. (For more information on its services and features, check out this Bigrock hosting review).

General Overview of Bluehost

EIG or Endurance International Group owns Bluehost India, which is an Indian version of Bluehost Global. EIG is also the owner of several other web-hosting providers in the industry, like HostGator, Arvixe, JustHost, iPage and the ResellerClub. Bluehost India uses ResellerClub which it acquired in 2014 to sell hosting and domain packages., the global version of, has standard international payment method of Credit card and PayPal. This made it difficult for many Indian bloggers to purchase it, as they did not have the means to pay with such payment methods.

However, with Bluehost India, would be customers now had the option of paying with Indian Rupees and Net banking. Bluehost India comes with an option to switch to the global version if you wish to.

It is noteworthy that Bluehost India and Bluehost global have the same dashboard. The user experience on both of them is the same since they use the same developer.

Comparison of Bigrock vs Bluehost India :

Now that you have a little background information on both hosting companies, I will delve further into how these two compare with each other in terms of values and quality. This comparison will dissect their differences and similarities in terms of features, price, support, uptime and other important criteria that suffice.

#2. Bigrock vs Bluehost Hosting Services

The hosting services that Bigrock provides to its customers include Domain Name, Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, E-commerce Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Website builder, Email, SSL and Sitelock.

Bluehost India also offers a wide range of web hosting services making it a preferred hosting destination for many. They have been in the market for so long that they have mastered the art of providing quality services to their clients.

Some of these services are Cloud Hosting, Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Linux Hosting, Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

Verdict : Bluehost India offers better hosting services than Bigrock.

#3. Bigrock vs Bluehost Hosting Plans

Bigrock Hosting Plans

Bigrock has four shared hosting plans – Starter, Advanced, Pro and Business plans. Each of these plan ranges from one page to as much as 50 website pages. The starter plan has a DIY website builder, which proved helpful to some of my blogger friends who knew little or nothing about programming.

It has a 2 GB data transfer, 500mb disk space and five email accounts. If you intend to host only a domain, I would recommend the Advanced plan.

The Advanced, Business and Pro plan all have unlimited data transfer, email accounts and disk space. However, with the Advanced and Business plans you can host only a limited number of website, i.e. one and three respectively. While the Pro plan can host an unlimited number of domains.

Specialize hosting for CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Zencart, Drupal etc. are part of Bigrock services. They also offer Reseller hosting with four plans in order to suit your needs. However, its plan rates may seem slightly higher than other web hosting services.

You can upgrade your service to the Dedicated Server and VPS hosting if you want. A firm I worked with once used their dedicated servers to expand their storage infinitely. With this, they never ran out of space. This package is a great advantage for mid-large websites.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides three different high-performance hosting plans for Linux, Windows and WordPress hosting plans. They are standard, business and pro hosting plans.

In the Linux web hosting plan, the Standard plan offers a single domain, with unlimited disk space, data transfer, and email accounts. By the way, this plan is perfect for bloggers new to blogging.

The Business plan has all the quality of the Standard plan but with two extra domains to make it three domains that you can register. This plan is more costly than the Standard plan.

With the Pro plan, you can host the unlimited number of domains and this is what sets it apart from other hosting plans.

Windows web hosting plan also features three plans like the Linux web hosting: Standard, Pro, and Business. Just like the Linux web hosting plans, these plans all have unlimited disk space, data transfer, and email accounts.

The difference in all three arises in the number of domains hosted. While the Standard plan can only host a single domain, the Business plan is limited to three and the Pro plan can host as much as 10 domains. Each plan on this web hosting costs more than its Linux web hosting counterpart.

For a WordPress powered site, the plans include Standard, Business, and Pro plans. This offers the same qualities as the Linux web hosting plans. Bluehost India also offers Reseller hosting and VPS hosting.

Verdict : Bigrock offers a wide range of hosting plans across various platforms. Its hosting plans are just as many as Bluehost India if not more.

#4. Pricing Structure for Bigrock and Bluehost

The pricing structure of Bigrock depends on plan and year you opt. The four shared hosting plan – Starter, Advanced, Business and Pro starts pricing at Rs.149. Rs.239, Rs.349 and Rs.499 per month all for 3 years.

Bluehost Windows web hosting plan starts at Rs.289 per month for the Standard plan. The Business plan goes for Rs.329 per month and the Pro plans sell for Rs.469 for its unlimited domain registration.

For Linux, its hosting plans go for Rs.259, Rs.309 and Rs.419 per month for the Standard, Business and Pro plan respectively. WordPress hosting plans mirror the same price per month as the Linux web hosting price for all plans.

Linux Web Hosting

Verdict : From the above table, it is evident that Bluehost India services are costlier than Bigrock. Therefore, in terms of affordability, Bigrock comes out the winner here.

#5. Bigrock and Bluehost Features

All commonly used programming languages are supported by Bigrock like cgi, php, python,, perl and any other one would use. Installing web scripts is easy & fast and it allows you to install WordPress manually in under 5 minutes. Additionally, Bigrock has a user-friendly interface.

Bluehost offers some truly amazing benefits to its web-hosting clients. Some of them include; a secure FTP access, a world leading hosting control panel and one-click installation.

It runs on 24 GB Ram, a free DNS management, and dual quad-core Xeon-powered servers. It provides programming compatibility for mcrypt, cURL, php 5.3x and 5.4x, MySQL 5, RoR, Perl, Apache 2.2x, GD, cgi and Python.

Verdict : The features offered by Bluehost India outweigh Bigrock and this increases its compatibility.

#6. Server Speed and Response Time

Bigrock provides the highly advanced secured server with daily server monitoring & health check. They provide a regular check-up of their servers to prevent them from hacking.

This web hosting provider helps to boost SEO on your website, thus achieving a better ranking in search engines. A little bummer is, Bigrock does not provide free data backup, but you can take backup of your data manually through cPanel.

Unlike most hosting companies, Bluehost India does not depend on other companies servers. They have developed their own in-house servers. These servers are equipped with the best hardware to protect your site’s data.

They take regular backups on their backup hard disk so you don’t need to worry about losing data. You also have the option to choose server location from US or India. I would advise you stick with a localized server.

Verdict : Both hosting companies have good servers that enables backup. Although Bluehost India free backups swings the pendulum in its favour in this area.

#7. Bigrock and Bluehost Uptime Guarantee

Both hosting companies provide their customers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee due to their effective servers. Therefore, whichever you opt for in terms of uptime, you are good to go.

#8. Help and Support

Bigrock has a fully accessible knowledge base customer support service where users can quickly find answers to common issues. The customer support is impeccable via phone line, email, ticket based and live chat options 24×7.

Fully qualified, dedicated tech professionals help users. A friend once experienced some issues with his website; he patched a call to Bigrock customer support and got his issue resolved in no time.

Bluehost India also has a good customer support as Bigrock. They provide 24×7-customer support via live chat, phone, and ticket-based options. Their fully trained tech staff will resolve your problem quickly.

Verdict : In terms of help & support, these two hosting companies are on par.

#9. Bigrock vs Bluehost Bandwidth

In Bigrock, a starter hosting plan you will get 2GB of webspace. However, you will get unlimited bandwidth in other higher and costlier plans.

Bluehost India provides unlimited bandwidth to its entire hosting plan regardless of their price.

Verdict : This is another category where Bluehost India comes out tops with the unlimited bandwidth it offers across all of its hosting plans.

#10. Bigrock And Bluehost Website Builder

Bigrock provides a DIY website builder, but you have to purchase a website builder plan. Their DIY website builder is user-friendly and can be a real help to someone who is not much into programming.

Bluehost India on the other hand, does not provide free website builder.

Verdict : The DIY website builder initiative gives Bigrock the edge in this category. Therefore, Bigrock wins this round of comparison.

#11. Promotional Offers & Money Back Guarantee

Every month Bigrock shares offer, discounts and coupon codes. You can get up to 51% discount on your hosting bill with Bigrock. To know more about the availability, Please check Bigrock Coupons homepage.

Bluehost India also offers you some of the best coupons among web hosting companies. Their coupon gives you a maximum discount. This maximum discount is really a big deal when you are purchasing that product for a longer period.

You can get 35% discount for hosting for a year and 45% discount on the first year for 2 years.

Bigrock and Bluehost India both have a 30-day refund policy. So, you have a free 30 days of trial with both hosting

Verdict : Bluehost India offers better coupon discounts than Bigrock services. This round goes in favour of Bluehost India.

Bigrock does not offer a free .com domain name with hosting, but occasionally, do offer discounts. You can buy domains for great prices. Sometimes Bigrock runs a promotion of .com domain at 99 too.

Bluehost does not provide free domain name on the purchase of hosting account.

Verdict : The two hosting companies are almost equal in this aspect, but Bigrock edges out with its provision to offer domain name on some occasions.

So, with the above detailed Bigrock vs Bluehost India comparison, you can now figure out which is better and offers more quality service that suits your needs. These two web-hosting companies offer more or less similar features. Their hosting plans are different and vary, which makes it encouraging to customers.

The prices are affordable and the availability of special offers and discount makes it attractive to customers. Therefore, your choice between both should be a function of your preference and budget.

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