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With numerous e-commerce hosting options out there to select from, it may be tempting to choose the first one that you see on ads. And as you might get lucky and don’t have any difficulties with your selection years, later on, it isn’t a wager most people ought to be happy to take.


It is ideal for researching this problem before taking your shop online – and all these are the reasons why — a short guide about e-commerce based web hosting.

It’s all about speed

Website speed plays a significant part in making a positive user experience, but additionally, it influences the search engines to opt to rank the site on top. The increasing number of mobile users needs a fast loading platform, and Google itself suggests updating the AMP version to load your website faster.

Yes, it is just another factor among countless that use to determine where your website must appear on the search results page for any specific query, but it is essential even so.

It is frustrating, but it is logical. In attempting to offer the best possible user experience for these, they all would like to be certain that they’re sending them to sites that don’t only provide the info they are searching for but to places that don’t have long lag times.

The company implications of slow page loading can not be overstated. Some 60 percent of internet users expect a site to load in just five seconds or less. Twenty percent of online buyers will abandon a website that requires five seconds or longer to load; hence the quicker your site loads is more business. A one-second delay in website speed can result in a 9% decrease in conversion speed.

How quickly your site loads depends on a range of aspects, including your hosting service provider, the kinds of documents you have on your website, and how extensive is the web code on your website.

Uptime performance
Most web hosters claim they all are uptime and offer guaranty in it. The reality is they can only manage to meet their promise 98-99.9%. This kind of performance is good enough for e-commerce websites, but a certain percentage of hosting companies can’t even touch up to 95%, and it will put your online business down. Mostly it happens when your website has massive traffic.

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