4 Steps To List Building Success

If you’re new to internet marketing, you are probably confused as to what an online business is all about.


It’s about a lot of things, really, but foremost among them is list building.

Like any other business, internet marketing really is about having customers and prospects that you can do business with on an ongoing basis.

The best way to do this is to build an email list.

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An email list is simply a database of the contacts, buyers and clients you have for your products and services.

Even established bloggers struggle to build a good email list.

It is the greatest asset for any business.

So, I would like to go over the 4 Steps To List Building Success.

If you’re a newbie this will be groundbreaking for you.

If you’re an established blogger, this is an opportunity for you to rededicate yourself to putting all the pieces together in order to operate a profitable online business.

1. Hook Up With an Autoresponder Service

In order to collect names for an email list you need something called an autoresponder service.

When people sign up to join your list, their key data… usually name and email address… need to be stored somewhere.

This is what is called a database.

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You need an autoresponder to do that.

Once people are on your list and in your database you can then send them emails any time you want.

They can also get emails automatically the moment they join your list.

There are many autoresponders to choose from.

The one I’ve used most often, and is really my favorite and recommended one… is GetResponse(my affiliate link).

This is the most intuitive and easy to use.

I’ve also found it to be the most reliable.

That means they send your messages out on time, and the delivery rate is high.

A high delivery rate is especially important because if your emails are winding up in people’s spam boxes, they won’t see them.

I really like GetResponse for two other reasons…

  1. It’s really easy to use… I mean, really easy.
  2. You can talk to customer service, on the phone, anytime you have a problem or want help setting things up or running your email campaigns better.

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And, by the way, here’s something you don’t find too often… when you do call, your “hold” time to wait for a live customer service tech is usually under a minute!

2. Create A Lead Magnet

In order to get people to subscribe to your email list, you need to offer them something for free.

This is called a “lead magnet” or an “ethical bribe.”

Essentially you are giving people something that they want in exchange for their email address.

Typically this would be something like an ebook or video video training.

It could be a cheat sheet or a checklist.

It does not need to be something complicated.

One of the biggest problems that I have found with blogging students is that they make a big project of creating a lead magnet product.

Because they make it such a big deal, it never happens.

The result is that they never get around to the business of building a good email list.

Your business will sit in neutral and you won’t be getting much profit until you finally get around to doing this.

So make your lead magnet simple enough that you can create it, and get it in the hands of your subscribers.

Just a short report of 10 pages is fine.

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A single 10 minute video is fine.

A list of your 6 favorite resources which is nothing more than 6 URL links will almost certainly reap great results.

These are all easy things to create.

Yet, you can make valuable by giving people information that they need… but don’t have the time or knowledge to search for.

You do the search for them.

Give them the information they want and they’re happy to subscribe to your email list to get it because, after all, it’s free.

3. Build A Squeeze Page

You make your free lead magnet offer to people on something called a squeeze page.

This is a single web page that contains an “opt-in” or “sign-up” form for people to enter their name and/or email address in order to get your offer.

A squeeze page is a single landing page that simply asks people if they would like your free or offer and if so, calls on them to sign-up to get it.

You can use any good page builder to create your squeeze page.

One of my favorites is Optimize Press (my affiliate link).

The simpler, the quicker and the more direct, the better your squeeze page will be.

Just tell them what you’re going to give them.

Tell them why it will be valuable to them.

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That can all be done in just a matter of one or two sentences.

Then tell them that they need to give you their email address so that you can deliver it to them.

After they give you the email address, they click a submission button that forwards their information to your auto responder.

Then, they can go to their inbox and get your free product.

Your autoresponder will automatically send it to them the moment that they subscribe.

They will get a series of related email messages from your autoresponder.

With all this happening, your business is ready to sign up a list of eager prospects and anxious customers.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

Now the last thing you need to do is drive traffic to your squeeze page.

If you have a blog then the people that already visit your blog will see your promotion asking them to sign up to get your free product.

But a blog post is just one type of content.

You can also do a YouTube video.

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If you don’t have a blog, you could publish your blog posts on Quora or Tumblr or even use your Facebook page.

Anywhere you can develop content that people in your niche will find interesting and valuable, is the perfect place to embed an opt-in offer.

Just link your offer to your squeeze page.

This is what we call content marketing.

You simply create content and then shop it around all over the internet.

The more you market your content in this way, the better your chances are of people finding your opt-in offer and subscribing your email list.

Once they get on your email list, they will be the perfect prospects and customers for your products and services.

Just make sure that your lead magnet offer is relevant and enticing to readers in your niche to make your list highly targeted and responsive to the emails you send them.

So tell me this.

Have you used all of these 4 steps to building a list?

Have you used some of them?

Which steps present the greatest challenge to you?

Leave a comment below.

Let me know if you’re ready to use these “4 Steps To List Building Success” to grow your online business faster and bigger.

And don’t forget to share this article on your social sites.

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